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MacPPP Timer

keeps track of the amount of time spent on a PPP account

By Eric Preston | Added September 15, 1997


ChooserUser 1.3.1 is a freeware control panel that lets you control who can change the owner name (or user name under System 6)....

By Flux Software | Added February 24, 1997

Apple Open Transport PPP (OT/PPP)

Open Transport is the networking software in the Mac OS. This is version 1.0.1 available on the Mac OS 8 CD.

By Apple | Added December 31, 1996

Apple Modem Script Generator

The Apple Modem Script Generator is an unsupported tool to simplify the process of creating modem scripts for Open Transport/PPP. It...

By Apple | Added November 17, 1996

Apple LocalTalk Bridge

shares LocalTalk network or devices on an Ethernet or Token Ring network

By Apple | Added July 29, 1996