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Apple Remote Access Client

Apple Remote Access Client. For remote dial-in server connections for OS 8.6.

By Apple | Added May 9, 1999

Frontier menu

The Frontier menu integrates Alpha and Frontier so that you can easily open Frontier's text windows in Alpha. Whenever you save the...

By Johan Linde | Added April 29, 1999


Allows your Macintosh�¨ computers to access an IBM�¨ AS/400�¨ through a TCP/IP network. Now any Mac on the network can connect...

By unknown | Added February 15, 1999

OT/PPP Disconnect

closes OT/PPP connection, optionally quitting a user-defined list of apps

By Richard Long | Added December 18, 1998

Stalker Internet Mail Server

The Stalker Internet Mail Server is a server application that implements Internet mail exchange service using the SMTP protocol, remote...

By Stalker Software | Added September 29, 1998

IP Spy

IP Port Spy will listen on a TCP or UDP port, and print the frames received in the main window. No frames are sent back in response...

By BTT Software | Added March 8, 1998

Apple Location Manager

setup & change to multiple network settings - included on Mac OS 8.1 CD.

By Apple | Added January 18, 1998


This small application will let you test network connectivity between your Internet-connected computer and a remote computer. Simply...

By David Hopkins | Added January 17, 1998


TPing allows unattended pinging. You specify the IP addresses that you need to ping, and it will check them, even repeatedly if you...

By Todd Meister | Added October 20, 1997

MacPPP Timer

keeps track of the amount of time spent on a PPP account

By Eric Preston | Added September 15, 1997


ChooserUser 1.3.1 is a freeware control panel that lets you control who can change the owner name (or user name under System 6)....

By Flux Software | Added February 24, 1997

Apple Open Transport PPP (OT/PPP)

Open Transport is the networking software in the Mac OS. This is version 1.0.1 available on the Mac OS 8 CD.

By Apple | Added December 31, 1996