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Meta Tag Manager

Meta Tag Manager is the first and only software of its kind for the Macintosh. Meta Tag Manager is the ultimate tool for fine-tuning...

By YAV Interactive Media | Added November 29, 1999


From the developer: Why drop to Dos to ping? Enjoy Obese Armadillo Software's highly visual version of a ICMP ping program, PING-O-Meter....

By Obese Armadillo Software | Added November 18, 1999

AppleShare IP First Aid

AppleShare IP First Aid is a repair and backup utility for AppleShare data files. It can check the integrity of these files as well...

By Apple | Added November 17, 1999

Super NewsGroups

newsgroup archiving and html conversion tool

By unknown | Added October 30, 1999

ShareWay IP

ShareWay IP 2.0 makes sharing Macintosh files through Internet protocols as easy as sharing the same files through AppleTalk, and is...

By Open Door Networks | Added October 24, 1999

ShareWay IP Pro

ShareWay IP Pro 2.0 takes advantage of the implementation of SLP included in Mac OS 8.5 to address one of the few remaining issues...

By Open Door Networks | Added October 24, 1999

Mac NetLogger

Mac NetLogger is useful for anyone who runs software or hardware that sends information to a remote syslog (system log). It is similar...

By Laffey Computer Imaging | Added August 9, 1999

AppleShare IP Mail Update

AppleShare IP Mail Update. Rresolves a single issue in v6.2 of AppleShare IP Mail Server.

By Apple | Added June 29, 1999


Displays information from AppleShare-servers such as: Server Name Machine Type AFP protocol versions supported UAM:s supported...

By Anders Ulfheden Data | Added June 17, 1999