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Loafer is a macro tool for software developers that can be used with any text editor. It has the capability to generate text fragments...

By Michael Krivoruchko | Added February 13, 1998

Icy Inside

Icy Inside is a simple system "scope" OCX that allows you to obtain information about your system. The control includes the Icy Inspector...

By Icy Software | Added January 16, 1998

Caveman Sound

The Caveman Sound System is a high-level library of C routines for playing sound on the Macintosh. These routines were designed...

By David Hay | Added September 4, 1997


Hyperize is a standalone drag-and-drop application that converts plain text documents into HTML and does what is required to duplicate...

By Jason Johnston | Added January 5, 1998

Guide Composer

Guide Composer gives anyone the ability to create powerful Apple Guide help systems for any new or existing Macintosh application....

By SetUp Software | Added December 18, 1997


This is an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) library which was optimized for speed on RISC processors such as the PowerPC. Most FFTs use...

By John Green | Added February 10, 1998


Jshock is a Java-based solution for simple online presentations; it is similar to products like Shockwave, but does not require a plug-in--any...

By Webmin Software | Added November 4, 1997

Myrmidon Updater

Myrmidon is an incredibly useful application that enables you to easily turn your existing documents into Web pages. Simply design...

By Terry Morse | Added March 9, 1998


HMarqueeCaption is a Metrowerks PowerPlant–inherited class that displays a horizontally scrolling (from right to left) "marquee"...

By Hsoi's Shop | Added March 3, 1998

Orniwell (PowerPC)

Orniwell is a text viewer that provides a new way to navigate within text files. Besides the usual means of browsing a file using the...

By Tension Software | Added January 9, 1998


HCmdButtonAttachment is a Metrowerks PowerPlant–inherited class that gives controls (LControls) a command-key equivalent. This...

By Hsoi's Shop | Added March 3, 1998

HTML QuickTags

HTML QuickTags works in conjunction with Apple Guide to allow you instant access to information on every HTML tag available. This reference...

By DareHauf Technologies | Added November 7, 1997

Banner Show

Banner Show enables you to add rotating banners to your Web site without CGI. Features include the option to use text or graphics in...

By WebGenie Software | Added March 9, 1998

Mabry Mail Control

The Mabry Mail control encapsulates the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and the Post Office Protocol (POP) for managing email...

By Mabry Software | Added September 24, 1997

Mabry Gopher Control

Gopher is a predecessor to the World Wide Web. Universities still have a lot of information available on Gopher sites. The Gopher...

By Mabry Software | Added September 24, 1997


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