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Meta Tag Manager

Meta Tag Manager is the first and only software of its kind for the Macintosh. Meta Tag Manager is the ultimate tool for fine-tuning...

By YAV Interactive Media | Added November 29, 1999

Localization Guru Lite

Localization Guru is a software tool for Visual Basic programmers that enables a Visual Basic application to support multiple languages....

By Beta-Sigma Data Systems | Added August 25, 1999

PrintDirect DLL

PrintDirect DLL bypasses printer drivers and allows sending data directly to the printer with embedded ESC sequences. It also provides...

By Redei | Added January 19, 2000

The library has become the de facto standard library for creating Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts in the Perl language....

By Steven E. Brenner | Added February 8, 2000


RGBHEX was designed for users who are still writing their HTML code by hand. You can choose your colors and get the hexadecimal value,...

By | Added December 13, 1999

40tude HTML

40tude, formerly 1-4-All, is for you HTML editors out there who don't need the gizmos that a full-featured HTML editor offers. It lets...

By MMSoftware | Added February 2, 2000


Well organized, feature rich HTML authoring tool. Sports many great features such as split screen viewer, FTP client, color syntax,...

By Lincoln Beach Software | Added December 6, 1999

FBA Sampler

faceless background applications (FBAs) source code and executables

By unknown | Added September 6, 1999

The Font Thing

The Font Thing is a freeware program for managing TrueType fonts in Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.with The Font Thing you...

By Sue Fisher | Added December 21, 1999

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 SP 5a

This update to Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 fixes various issues and bugs. Service Pack 5a fixes memory leak issue with SQLSERVR.EXE, improves...

By Microsoft | Added February 22, 2000


The source base for this program has only been modified to incorporate support for the MacOS file system. No changes to the core functionality...

By Steven Bytnar | Added October 23, 1999

Apple Game Sprockets

GameSprockets is a set of software applications that support several gaming features on your Macintosh. The GameSprockets software...

By Apple | Added January 15, 2000

Apple Carbon Dater

Download Carbon Dater version 1.2 to test your application's compatibility with the Carbon programming interface. The process is simple...

By Apple | Added January 13, 2000


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