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Apple MacsBug

MacsBug is Apple's assembly-level 680x0 and PowerPC debugger for Mac OS. It can be used to debug code running in most execution environments,...

By Apple | Added September 13, 2000


Pad is an editor and viewer to replace the Windows Notepad and your image viewer. It supports such image formats as ANI, BMP, GIF (including...

By Hesky-Data Software | Added September 11, 2000

IBM VisualAge Generator

IBM VisualAge�?�¯�?�¿�?�½ Generator is a powerful high-end, rapid application development environment for building and deploying...

By IBM | Added September 9, 2000


Paydoit is made up of REALbasic elements that can be used to require potential customers to enter a registration code before using...

By Unvisible Universe Software | Added September 8, 2000


ASCII Pic is a funny utility used to convert a bitmap(*.bmp) into plain text file(*.txt). Supports bitmaps of unlimited size up to...

By 5679soft | Added September 7, 2000

Tilt 1.2 MultiLabel

Tilt 1.2 MultiLabel is an ActiveX control for packing rotated text labels close together. It is designed for Microsoft Access reports...

By Cruquius Soft | Added August 31, 2000

Jigsaw Puzzle Applets

These Java jigsaw puzzle applets are available in four versions: FreeWare, HomePage, SmallBusiness, and StrategicBusiness. The last...

By ICA-D | Added August 29, 2000


REBOL/Core is a network messaging language designed to offer a new method for exchange and interpretation of information on the Internet....

By Rebol Technologies | Added August 29, 2000

TomaWeb Color Codes

This small utility allows you to pick and save colors from a pallette or screen capture (Print Screen), and get their RGB or Hex values....

By TomaWeb | Added August 28, 2000

EFR (Extended Find and Replace)

EFR (Extended Find and Replace) This little utility will save you time when you need to find and replace somthing in text based files....

By Leissure Time Computers | Added August 28, 2000

Turbo Editor

Advanced multi lingual text editor designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding text editing requirements....

By tores software | Added August 24, 2000


Start your favorite applications, folders and Web pages instantly by using your own Windows key shortcuts with WinKey! This FREE shell...

By Agents Technologies | Added August 21, 2000

ODBiC: Open Database Internet Connector

ODBiC is a simple but powerful interface between your Web pages and your ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) databases. It can run as...

By ODBiC Software | Added August 17, 2000

Office 2000 HTML Filter

The Office HTML Filter is a tool you can use to remove Office-specific markup tags embedded in Office 2000 documents saved as Hypertext...

By Microsoft | Added August 14, 2000

LandWare GoType! Keyboard Driver

Driver for the GoType Keyboard for the PalmPilot, Palm III series, Palm V series, Palm VII series, Handspring Visor Series.

By LandWare | Added August 11, 2000