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HTML QuickTags

HTML QuickTags works in conjunction with Apple Guide to allow you instant access to information on every HTML tag available. This reference...

By DareHauf Technologies | Added November 7, 1997


Jshock is a Java-based solution for simple online presentations; it is similar to products like Shockwave, but does not require a plug-in--any...

By Webmin Software | Added November 4, 1997

Mabry Mail Control

The Mabry Mail control encapsulates the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and the Post Office Protocol (POP) for managing email...

By Mabry Software | Added September 24, 1997

Mabry Gopher Control

Gopher is a predecessor to the World Wide Web. Universities still have a lot of information available on Gopher sites. The Gopher...

By Mabry Software | Added September 24, 1997

Caveman Sound

The Caveman Sound System is a high-level library of C routines for playing sound on the Macintosh. These routines were designed...

By David Hay | Added September 4, 1997

TruVoice for Microsoft Agent

TruVoice is an advanced text-to-speech converter you can use to give speech capabilities to animated characters developed with the...

By Centigram Communications | Added September 2, 1997

Apple MacDNS

Domain Name Server software

By Apple | Added July 24, 1996

MacBinary II+

decodes and encodes binary files

By unknown | Added March 21, 1993


By unknown | Added September 4, 1992