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YAV's RAD Tools

Rapid Application Development system for SuperCard 3

By unknown | Added October 18, 1998

ProMaker Utils

If you are a FileMaker Pro 3.0 or 4.0 user or developer and write ScriptMaker scripts, this small application can save you a lot of...

By Peter Baanen | Added October 16, 1998

Color Picker Pro

Color Picker Pro aids in finding color hex values for use with HTML production. Color Picker Pro is more than just an RGB-to-hex converter;...

By Rootworks | Added October 6, 1998


The Web-o-Tron Tools are applications which are useful but also a game. Layout-o-Matic, a preliminary stage for your special web layout...

By Dario Gibellini | Added September 19, 1998


CONVAT is a Unix-to-Windows C source-code conversion tool. It is designed to increase efficiency of converting from Unix C source code...

By System Engineering Service | Added September 18, 1998

Yav's RAD Tools

Yav's RAD Tools is an XFCN (external function) that installs nearly 300 commands and functions into the SuperCard message hierarchy....

By Christopher Yavelow | Added September 17, 1998

HyperLink Control

HyperLink Control makes it easy for you to direct users from your application to any Web page, which is opened using the user's default...

By Tom Brown Software | Added August 7, 1998


DropUNIX is a drop-in library and one-line header file for Macintosh programmers. With it, you can give UNIX and DOS command-line application...

By Zen Spider Software | Added July 25, 1998

Apple HyperCard

HyperCard is Apple's custom software development tool for users of every skill level with navigation, hypertext, media integration...

By Apple | Added July 23, 1998

VB5-CGI Objects

VB5-CGI Objects is comprised of three server-side ActiveX DLLs that let you easily develop powerful standard CGI scripts using Visual...

By EazyWare | Added July 15, 1998

Real Digits ActiveX

The Real Digits ActiveX control gives you the ability to decorate your forms with a digital table. Some of the possible characters...

By Great Beard | Added June 29, 1998

ActiveX System Tray Icon

ActiveX System Tray Icon is a tool for displaying a desired icon in the system tray. You can load the icon from a file, set it up in...

By Great Beard | Added June 22, 1998

CGI Expert Free C++

CGI Expert Free C++ is a freeware component suite for C++ Builder that makes CGI as easy as dropping a component into a form. It is...

By Lars Akerman | Added June 19, 1998

CGI Expert Free Delphi

CGI Expert Free Delphi is a suite of freeware components for Delphi that makes CGI as easy as dropping a component into a form. It...

By Lars Akerman | Added June 19, 1998

War FTP Daemon

War FTP Daemon is an FTP server that brings together Unix-style security features, a BBS-like Windows interface for the system operator,...

By Jarle Aase | Added June 18, 1998