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Apple Help 1.2 SDK

developer tool provides a HTML rendering engine for help files

By Apple | Added August 18, 1999


SAPEdit is an external ABAP/4 editor for the SAP with tons of features. SAPEdit supports SAP versions from R/3 3.0C. A detailed user's...

By X-Direct | Added August 17, 1999

HTML Markup

HTML Markup is a text-to-HTML processor that lets you quickly and easily put documents on the web. The program is highly customizable...

By KlepHacks Shareware | Added August 7, 1999

Sun JFC (Swing)

developer Java Foundation Classes v1.1 with new version of Swing

By Sun Microsystems | Added August 5, 1999


C programming environment for reversible execution & software visualization

By unknown | Added July 28, 1999

Index Xtra

Macromedia Director Xtra search engine for text and HTML

By Media Connect Multimedia | Added July 1, 1999


simple DB library for software developers, uses quick b-tree indexing

By unknown | Added June 7, 1999


RiadaButton is an full-featured Java applet that allows you to create buttons in your projects so your visitors can drag the button...

By Riada International | Added May 24, 1999

AppleScript Extras

This is the AppleScript CD ROM Extras included with the Mac OS 8.6 CD. It contains a script menu and example scripts in the AppleScript...

By Apple | Added May 10, 1999


BugLink is a bug tracking system for both the Macintosh and Microsoft Windows 95/NT. BugLink consists of a central bug database and...

By PixVue.Com | Added May 10, 1999

Python Interpreter

Python is an easy-to-learn, powerful programming language. It has high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to...

By | Added May 7, 1999


PersonalSearch is a Java search engine for your site. You decide what keywords it should respond to and what URLs are included in the...

By UMSoft | Added May 6, 1999

VB Layout

VB Layout is an ActiveX control for Visual Basic. It resizes and moves selected controls as specified when the form is resized. It...

By Paul Wannbaeck | Added May 6, 1999

OpenGL Development Kit

The OpenGL Development Kit includes all of the documentation, headers, link libraries, and sample code required to get started with...

By Apple | Added April 27, 1999


HTML Raw is an ActiveX control that can retrieve and download raw HTML pages and headers without using a browser. The downloadable...

By Gunawan Sarwono | Added April 22, 1999