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A revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that protects your credit card when you shop online, this application allows users to...

By Idium Ltd. | Added January 3, 2001


Locks your PC based on idle state, user-specified hotkey, Control Panel access, specified dial-up connections, CD-ROM insertion to...

By TalyaSoft | Added January 1, 2001

TrueSign Client

Privador TrueSign architecture gives long-term proof value to your digital data in a cost-effective manner. You can use any type of...

By TrueSign Client | Added December 18, 2000


Safe secures your data in Memo Pad. The encryption algorithm is triple-DES (DES-EDE2). Safe is based on the Memo Pad program and provides...

By PalmGadget | Added November 29, 2000


RAMeSize monitors system memory on real time, defragmenting it as programs run, preventing "holes" in memory which can cause slow performance...

By Blue Dice Software | Added November 20, 2000

SSN Locator

Verify the location of issue for Social Security numbers. Nothing special but it's fast and easy to use. Is already in use by a number...

By Dr. Brackenstein | Added November 7, 2000