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Rot 13

From the developer: Rot-13 is a simple letter substitution encryption scheme commonly used in the Usenet newsgroups. This program converts...

By Kim Støvner | Added January 28, 2000

Quicky Password Generator

The Quicky Password Generator is designed to be fast, efficient, and small. It generates up to 5000 passwords of 4 to 20 characters...

By Quicky Software | Added February 29, 2000

The Exorcist

The Exorcist, formerly known as Graphics Innoculator, possesses all of its former functionality for innoculating your Mac against most...

By Laffey Computer Imaging | Added March 2, 1999


NoMoreCookies is an AppleScript application that watches cookie and history files maintained by a Web browser. The program checks the...

By Clynton Caines | Added December 8, 1997


this anti virus software has been discontinued and will no longer be updated

By unknown | Added December 31, 1996


This product is designed to scan your Microsoft Exchange servers and neutralize any instances it can find of the "I Love You" email...

By | Added May 31, 2000


A tiny desktop tray accessory, to display the current swapfile size.

By Popcorn Software | Added May 31, 2000

fkWare SysMon

fkWare SysMon is a highly customizable system monitor that displays the various aspects of the current system load on the screen. That...

By fkware | Added March 27, 2000

Secure Shuttle Transport (SST)

Secure Shuttle Transport (SST) is the All-In-One instant messaging program that provides unparalleled encryption services.With SST,...

By unknown | Added May 31, 2000


Used to give client machines within a protected network access to streaming servers outside that network.

By Apple | Added May 2, 2000

The Exorcist

inoculates against the new 666 virus

By Laffey Computer Imaging | Added February 27, 1999


Automates entry of web site passwords in Netscape browsers.

By Richard Kiss | Added May 24, 1999