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WindowBlinds Holiday Skin Pack

The WindowBlinds Holiday Skin Pack gives your Windows various holiday themes by transforming your Windows title bars and buttons. The...

By Stardock | Added December 17, 1999

Valentine Rose Theme

This download featuers a pretty desktop theme for you and your significant other to enjoy.

By Fabio Iannelli | Added December 6, 1999

StarCraft: Terran Theme

This Windows theme has StarCraft cursors, icons, wallpaper, and sound. The cursors are mostly original, and the icons are taken from...

By Matthew Black | Added December 6, 1999

Blade Runner: Tyrell Corp. Theme

This theme is based on Blade Runner, that cool movie with Harrison Ford. The theme has a sort of half and half mix-the medical/genetic...

By JB Roth | Added December 6, 1999

Turkey Hunt Screensaver

This animated screensaver features MIDI music in the background as a turkey is chased around by a guy with an ax.

By GCards | Added November 15, 1999

Thanksgiving Bakery Screensaver

This screensaver features an animated turkey getting stuffed by a cannon shooting chef. It includes speed options and MIDI music.

By GCards | Added November 15, 1999


application based screensaver

By Tom Dowdy | Added October 25, 1999


DeskNite is a free system-tray program that will display a dynamic, real-time view of the night sky as your desktop wallpaper, updating...

By Coeli Software Products | Added June 30, 1999

Chess Ballet Screensaver

Watch 3D chess pieces as they slide, fly, bounce, and walk beyond the chessboard. This Windows screensaver features high-quality graphics,...

By | Added March 12, 1999

Particle Fire Screensaver

Particle Fire is a virtual pyrotechnic screensaver, displaying an ever changing visual symphony of fiery, particle-based patterns...

By Longbow Digital Arts | Added December 30, 1998


Introducing Eclipse 3: a lean, mean, 100 percent PowerPC native screen saving machine that works great on 68K Macs as well. To eliminate...

By Ambrosia Software | Added February 13, 1998

Princess Diana Tribute Screen Saver

The Princess Diana Tribute Screen Saver captures the cherished images of this well-loved lady, from her emergence into the public eye...

By RI Soft Systems | Added September 9, 1997

Amazing AVI Screensaver

The Amazing AVI Screensaver is perfect for jazzing up your screen with your favorite animations. Cycle through a list of selected AVIs...

By Software | Added January 23, 1997