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Smart Alert

SmartAlert is a unique event reminder for palm users. It is a very handy tool to keep a record of birthdays,anniversaries ,monthly...

By Nipsys Technologies | Added April 22, 2003

Account Lockout and Management Tools

Account Lockout and Management Tools can use to troubleshoot account lockouts, as well as add functionality to Active Directory. It...

By Microsoft | Added April 22, 2003

Movie Tracker

Movie Tracker enables you to keep a database of the movies you own or rented on a Palm OS PDA. Designed to keep track of a movie collection...

By PDABruce | Added April 21, 2003

Default Folder

Default Folder is a control panel that enhances Open and Save dialog boxes to make it easier for you to manage files on your Macintosh....

By St. Clair Software | Added April 21, 2003


SuperZip - the quick and easy way to zip and unzip files. Step-by-step tutorial guides users through the process quickly and painlessly....

By Integratech Software | Added April 16, 2003

Birding Checklist

Great for bird lovers. You can keep track of sightings and keep a list of information about each bird.

By Rjames Frith | Added April 15, 2003


AvantageRx is a utility that is used in conjunction with ePocrates RX program from ePocrates, Inc. AvantageRx is used to launch and...

By Toysoft Development | Added April 15, 2003


AD is an application to delete unnecessary and reoccurring files, such as your internet browser's cache files, which in turn may litter...

By Michal Balcerzak | Added April 14, 2003

Bible Reader for Palm

Features Fast Display Engine Fast Memory Card (VFS) Access Drag Scrolling Dual Version Display Go Directly to Chapter and Verse Browser-Like...

By AsaiSoft | Added April 13, 2003

Contacts Pro

Need to call a friend, but your hands are busy? Let PhoneMate help you lookup your Palm address book in a flash. With PhoneMate, looking...

By MobiMate | Added April 12, 2003

0L Systems

0L Systems is a simple implementation of a 0L System renderer. A 0L System, or more formally a L System, is a string rewriting system...

By Brian Shau | Added April 12, 2003

System Inspector

Keep your PC running faster, cleaner, and error free! Protect your privacy and improve your PC?s performance! Scan all your harddisks...

By R.M. de Boer Software | Added April 10, 2003

Precision Online Backup

Secure Online Backup allows you to backup your critical files over the Internet, encrypted with Secure Blowfish or Triple DES encryption...

By Precision Service | Added April 8, 2003

Apple MRJ

Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) is Apple's implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), based on Sun Microsystems' Java 1.1.8 specification....

By Apple | Added April 7, 2003

Golf Track

Golf Track enables you to track your golf scores, money spent and keep a course directory on your Palm OS PDA. Scores and costs can...

By PDABruce | Added April 6, 2003