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Microsoft Ping for Windows 95

Under some conditions, it is possible for the version of Ping.exe included with Windows 95 to send an IP packet that would be considered...

By Microsoft | Added April 20, 2001

Associator (OS X)

Associator is a system utility that allows you to set specific files to open with your favorite applications. Just choose the file...

By MT Software | Added April 20, 2001

File Spanning

Allows you to split a file into smaller multiple files. When splitting a file, you can select a file size of 500K, 1MB, 1.44MB, 3MB,...

By Inspot | Added April 19, 2001

StarTap (CE Palmtop)

StarTap, one of our favorite enhancements for Windows CE devices, helps your palmtop PC look and feel like a desktop computer. You...

By Thumbs Up Soft | Added April 17, 2001

ScheduleOnline Mac Sync

Macintosh Sync application that syncs ScheduleOnline's web tools with the Palm OS Datebook, To Do List and Address Book.

By Antony Pranata | Added April 19, 2001


PhoneTime uses GSM 07.07 protocol (found in most cellular phones with a built-in IR modem) to set your cell phone's time from your...

By Samuel Tardieu | Added April 17, 2001


AcroFinder is a Palm database utility that lets you handle large lists of information such as price lists, parts lists, telephone lists...

By Werner Terreblanche | Added April 17, 2001

Dive Planner

The dive planner can be used to aid in the planning of recreation diving. Enter dive depth, duration and surface interval and it will...

By Procure Technology | Added April 16, 2001

Hot Chick Database

Physical black books are *so* 70s - Palm devices are the wave of the future! This little application stores all the hot chicks you...

By Jason Feinberg | Added April 17, 2001


Gachin Gachin is a simple metronome that I made to introduce myself to programming for the Palm Pilot. When I'm practicing my taiko...

By Dwayne Fujima | Added April 15, 2001

Compaq Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent

Allows Compaq Insight Manager LC, through a web browser, to remotely or locally run Compaq Diagnostics for Windows. Compaq Diagnostics...

By Compaq | Added April 15, 2001

DopeWars for FileMaker

Politically incorrect game in the world just got worse. Buy and sell drugs, work the loan shark, fire at the cops, and loot the dead...

By Brian Dunning | Added April 21, 2001

Microsoft DCOM

Provides Distributed COM support for Microsoft�???�??�?�® Windows�???�??�?�® 98. The DCOM wire protocol transparently provides...

By Microsoft | Added April 18, 2001


WeirdX is an X Window System server in pure Java under GNU GPL.

By JCraft | Added April 18, 2001


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