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Card Export

Card Export is a Palm OS application and Windows driver combination that allow using flash card from your Palm OS device just as ordinal...

By Softick Company | Added February 15, 2004


SimpleSketch is a simple drawing program for Palm. Features include: Draw/Sketch diagrams, maps, quick notes, etc. Drawing Tools: Paintbrush,...

By Installigent | Added February 14, 2004


Tired of the time consuming tasks of manually partitioning your hard drive(s) and installing your operating system(s)? Omni-Boot has...

By Sys-Tech Solutions | Added February 13, 2004


WinLogDog will deliver a daily report from your log files by e-mail. It analyzes log files and sends you an e-mail with results. Schedule...

By Abundant Technologies | Added February 11, 2004


Metronome is a full featured electronic metronome for PalmOS. Pulse volume, frequency and duration can be adjusted on a single screen....

By Pcles Independent | Added February 11, 2004

Space Hound 32

Sniff out wasted space with a Duplicate File Finder. Space Hound 32 eliminates duplicate and unused files that are cluttering up your...

By Fineware Systems | Added February 11, 2004


Celview gives access to IBM AS/400 and Mainframe computers with 3270 or 5250 terminal emulation, file transfer and printing. It can...

By Celcorp | Added February 10, 2004

Picture Manager

This program makes copying, moving, and renaming files a breeze, especially JPEG picture files. You set a target directory and then...

By FlexLogic Software | Added February 9, 2004

Apple AFP Client Update

The AFP Client Update improves the reliability of data accessed from an AFP server when using AppleWorks. This update also prevents...

By Apple | Added February 8, 2004

Apple Graphics Driver Update

The Graphics Driver Update delivers updated graphic drivers for Mac OS X v10.2.8 to restore DVD Player functionality.

By Apple | Added February 8, 2004

CETuner 2004

CETuner 2004 is a powerful utility for creating and changing themes, adjusting colors and customizing fonts on Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket...

By Paragon Software (SHDD) | Added February 5, 2004

Portal VADO

Portal VADO is a Virtual Assistant Desktop Organizer. It provides an easy to use drag-and-drop interface for quick cataloging of electronic...

By Gandersoft | Added February 3, 2004


SmallMenu is Pocket PC software, which integrates task manager and cascading program launcher. You can execute, switch, and close programs...

By Tillanosoft | Added February 2, 2004

Greentree PNG File Viewer

Greentree PNG File Viewer is a basic program that allows users to view PNG image files if their operating system does not natively...

By Star Accounting Solutions | Added February 2, 2004

StartUp Watchdog

StartUp Watchdog is a Windows start-up manager, as well as a trojan horse, virus, and worm remover. StartUp Watchdog allows you to...

By Adaptive Software Lab | Added February 2, 2004