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TUBE 2 New York City

Save hours by automatically having the quickest routes to hand, with all the details you need including line changes, platform directions...

By Visual IT Limited | Added November 15, 2005

Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary

Traveling to Thailand? Learning the Thai language? Imagine having instant access to 21,000 English, phonetic, and Thai words right...

By Word in the Hand Incorporated | Added November 15, 2005


Czech PiLoc localization creates an environment to operate with Palm OS in Czech. PiLoc is a common solution of Palm OS localization...

By Paragon Technologie | Added November 15, 2005

Tube 2 London Streets

This London Streets version also comes with 9 quality A-Z streets maps of central London covering 220 sq Km. The maps can be used standalone...

By Visual IT Limited | Added November 15, 2005

KB LightsOff for Treo 650

KB LightsOff is a small software program for the Palm Treo 650 smartphone that allows you to turn off your keyboard lights when they...

By LilApps | Added November 15, 2005


Parlogio is a multilingual speaking clock, you can use the already present languages or create your own one. It's a speaking up/down...

By Rodolfo Turco | Added November 15, 2005

The File Watcher

The File Watcher program allows the user to specify a folder to watch. Once active the program will notify the user of any changes...

By Syntosys | Added November 14, 2005

File Sort

FileSort is an application that helps you organizes a messy folder by moving files based on rules. It is especially useful for organizing...

By Marcus Wynwood | Added November 14, 2005

PCSummarizer 2005

PCSummarizer 2005 is an advanced task manager and system & hardware monitoring tool for your computer system. PCSummarizer 2005's features:...

By MySoCo.com | Added November 14, 2005


DealHound is a unobtrusive shopping comparison utility that lets you watch, or monitor prices for an unlimited number of products....

By CampusHound | Added November 14, 2005

HealthFitCounter- Diet Software

The HealthFitCounter software is a an easy to use, approach to nutritional awareness along with the ability to monitor exercise data....

By HealthFitCounters Intl. | Added November 14, 2005

Room Builder

Room Builder lets you sketch out the floor plan for a room or building with exact dimensions and angles.

By Stand Alone | Added November 14, 2005


BibleLink improves upon BibleLink KJV Suite which has received fantastic reviews by users as being the easiest and most desktop-like...

By Device Computing | Added November 14, 2005

Arabic Palm OS 5 (APOS 5.2)

APOS 5.2 for Treo 650 is the market leader in Arabic for your Treo 650. It has been selected by palmOne earlier to ship with every...

By Informobility | Added November 14, 2005