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HVAC POSITIONER ist die erste und einzige App, die Ihre HVAC-Anlage (Wrmepumpe, Kltemaschine, etc.) virtuell in einer realen Umgebung...

October 22, 2020 By AIT Austrian Institut of Technology


We know that home maintenance and repairs can be frustrating and inefficient for both homeowners and repair professionals. We aim to...

October 22, 2020 By QuickCarl

Sialkot AC Repairing

Sialkot AC repairing is one of the leading company in sialkot to provide services to our beloved citizens to repair air conditioners,...

October 22, 2020 By Two Ocean Media

Air Conditioner BTU Calculator

Air Conditioner BTU Calculator, the app is only applicable for small spaces in buildings: apartments, private rooms, cottages, office...

October 22, 2020 By Vladimirus - team

Economic Balance Point HP

This application will calculate the ECONOMIC BALANCE POINT temperature of a Dual Fuel Heat Pump system with a natural gas (NG), propane...

October 22, 2020 By

Mobile SuperCALC

A set of tools for furnace calculations.-The furnace calculator calculates %Carbon, Dew Point, and %Oxygen from millivolts and temperature.-The...

October 22, 2020 By Super Systems

Rust Furnace Calculator

Just enter how much you have of something, select the right material and furnace size and hit calculate. Not much more to it.

October 22, 2020 By Rusty Furnace

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