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Action Is

Here's another famous fancy typeface from Brain Eaters' collection.

By Brain Eaters Fonts | Added June 17, 1999


HexVector is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that can apply Hexachrome colors to any vector illustration. With the three essential...

By Pantone | Added June 4, 1999

International Symbols

International Symbols is a font that features generic symbols, pictures, and drawings that can be used for international signage....

By Gary L. Ratay | Added April 15, 1999

Euro Classic

Euro Classic is a Mac font containing more than 30 variations of the euro money symbol. This download contains both TrueType and PostScript...

By Le Scarabee | Added April 6, 1999


Electrickle is a free font that appears to have been shocked by a bolt of electricity. Each character within the typeface has been...

By Fontastic | Added January 26, 1999

Rackham Ornaments

Rackham Ornaments is a collection of dingbats (simple drawings) that feature 19th century-style character silhouettes that echo the...

By Ragnarok Press | Added December 9, 1998


Patches a bug in MacOS 8.5 and 8.5.1 If fractional charater width is enabled, bold face types are displayed with extra white space....

By InstantWare | Added January 5, 1999


view font glyphs, FOND resources, TrueType data & more

By Simon Brown | Added September 16, 1999


Font printing utility

By unknown | Added February 18, 1999

Font Gander Pro

Font Gander Pro is a one-of-a-kind DTP utility that lets users browse, examine, and print high-rez samples of non-installed TrueType...

By Semplice Software | Added September 9, 1999

Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Version 1 Tutorial

The Microsoft�???�??�?�® PhotoDraw 2000 Tutorial Update contains an upgrade that corrects a display problem encountered when the...

By Microsoft | Added March 16, 1999


Siemensstern by Helge Peters is freeware (see "about Siemensstern..." under the Apple menu). The program creates a siemensstar with...

By Helge Peters | Added September 6, 1999

Apple LaserWriter 8500 PPD

The LaserWriter 8 driver uses the PPD file to determine the characteristics of your printer and make various printing options available...

By Apple | Added April 7, 1999

Apple Font Manager Update

The Font Manager Update extension fixes the following problems in the Mac OS 8.6 Font Manager: * Corrupt FOND resources: Under certain...

By Apple | Added July 27, 1999


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