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LaScrit raDalmeNono is a set of six fonts for the Mac that represent geometric modernism with a decorative twist. The contemporary...

By GemJm | Added June 2, 1998

HVS Animator

HVS Animator is a GIF animation editor. This download will be fully functional for 15 days, after which a free version will still be...

By Digital Frontiers | Added March 17, 1998

Imazine the Tools: Bevel SE

Imazine the Tools: Bevel SE is a plug-in that lets you work faster, easier, and more efficiently when making 3D buttons in Adobe Photoshop...

By Imagedrome | Added January 7, 1998


If you work with fonts, chances are you need some help in organizing your collection of type. MacFont can provide that organization...

By Bruno Di Gleria | Added May 21, 1998


Virtue is a shareware author's improvement on Apple's Charcoal font, the font that replaces Chicago as the default font under Mac OS...

By Marty Pfeiffer | Added March 26, 1998


figure out the exact appearance of each of your fonts

By unknown | Added December 23, 1997

Simple Font

Simple Font is the new Freeware version of Font List. It can't print, but it allows a quick view of all the installed fonts in your...

By Sascha Leib | Added April 22, 1998