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This desktop tray accessory, provides the user with a pop-up free-form organiser. Features a To-Do list, Memo pad, and both Business...

By Popcorn Software | Added May 31, 2000

SURE BET Greyhound Handicapper

Our flagship product gets a facelift, and adds several new features to go along with its award winning greyhound handicapping appr...

By Integral Software | Added May 31, 2000


Clown features galore! Create a clown face instantly! Registered users will receive a second complete set of clown features and E-mail...

By Unvisible Universe Software | Added May 26, 2000


This program allows users to record financial transactions on their Palm devices. MoneyTender can track up to 16 different accounts...

By Sean Gilley | Added April 5, 2000


From the developer: AWS WeatherNet enables live, real-time access of over 4,000 Weather Stations nationwide from your Palm VII organizer....

By AWS | Added March 31, 2000

Daily Bible Passage Volume 1a (NIV)

Receive verses from the Bible on a daily basis. Meditate and reflect on the word of God. This volume contains 183 verses, which will...

By Jimmy Ghinis | Added March 14, 2000

mySimon To Go

Compare products and prices while you're walking down the aisles with MySimon To Go for your Palm VII. Comparison shop online and offline...

By MySimon | Added March 9, 2000

Fallacy Tutorial

Fallacy Tutorial teaches 42 logical fallacies: 3 built-in quizzes with 30 scenarios, Random order of questions and multiple choice...

By Studio de Mari | Added March 1, 2000


BiblioExpress is a simple reference manager for researchers. It is the freeware edition of our flagship product, Biblioscape. BiblioExpress...

By CG Information | Added February 18, 2000

El Verbo Simple

El Verbo Simple is an application perfect for mastering the intricacies of Spanish verb conjugation. It features:A conjugator capable...

By Jason Sluzevich | Added February 12, 2000


Create your personal Kaleidoscope! Create your pattern in the easy to use design window and watch as KurioScope! mirrors the image....

By Unvisible Universe Software | Added February 11, 2000

Palm Mirror (CE palmtop, SH3)

This program allows you to turn your palmtop PC into a mirror.

By Information Technologies India | Added December 20, 1999


EZTip calculates the tip amount/percentage and itemizes a bill for as many as 15 people. With EZTip, you enter a few numbers, press...

By Jane Halfond | Added December 7, 1999


With Scriptware scriptwriting software you have the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to get the story that's in your head onto...

By Cinovation | Added October 17, 1999

YP Waves

YP Waves simulates up to 3 traveling sine waves simultaneously. It is easy to change the amplitude, wavelength, velocity and phase...

By Yves Pelletier | Added August 25, 1999