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JollysFastVNC Home

4.5 of 5 stars - macupdate.com"All I can say is wow!" - tmgstudio.com"excellent international keyboard support". - taoofmac.comJollysFastVNC...

By Patrick Stein | Added February 14, 2011

Tune Sweeper

Find and remove duplicate tracks in your iTunes Library quickly with Tune Sweeper. This powerful tool makes removing duplicate items...

By Wide Angle Software | Added February 14, 2011

Remind Me Later

37,000 downloads! Top 50 Free App! Top 10 Free App in Productivity! Thanks to everyone who installed Remind Me Later! Don't hesitate...

By Brian Dunagan | Added February 14, 2011


MovieWriterPro was designed to increase script writing speed without taking care of script formatting. With its powerful rendering...

By MovieWriterPro | Added February 14, 2011

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is an addictive, tycoon-style, click management game where you have been selected to design, build and manage of some...

By NevoSoft | Added February 14, 2011

Petanque CUP

You can create a contest, stating his name, organizer, dates, and add the referees and the land seizure smart *. You can then add...

By WebBeru | Added February 14, 2011


This program is designed to help remind you of upcoming holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. You can choose to install the program...

By Jim Dunham | Added February 13, 2011

Z-ParSwitch 3

Z-ParSwitch has a graphical user interface which is very easy to use, but it can also be operated using command line parameters. With...

By Andreas Baumann | Added February 13, 2011


Jeremy McDermond NH6Z has compiled the WSPR source to run under OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

By Jeremy McDermond | Added February 11, 2011


Visual Differ compares side-by-side folders and files using colors to visually show differences. From the Folder view it's possible...

By Davide Ficano | Added February 11, 2011


No more output limitations for iCal! This indispensable utility will list all Events from a chosen list of iCal calendars within a...

By CA Smith | Added February 11, 2011

Snippet Saver

Now you can save snippets super easily on your computer! With syntax color importing and great pasteboard support, saving snippets...

By Hicaduda | Added February 11, 2011


RightClickMP3 is a brilliantly simple one-click application, that saves you time and hassle by adding a 'Convert to MP3' option to...

By David William Hearn | Added February 11, 2011


- OCRTOOLS can recognize the image files or clipboard images converts the text data by OCR technology.- iTunes can not copy text from...

By mkanda | Added February 11, 2011


A database manager that offers the most natural and easy way to organize information and data.From one of the top award-winning software...

By Apimac | Added February 11, 2011