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Sinclair Spectrum Emulator (CE Palmtop)

With this freeware emulator program, palmtop users can play games from the Sinclair Spectrum game console on their Windows CE machine....

By Palmtop Software | Added May 17, 2000

Star Trek: Armada demo

The Dominion War is over. The three major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, once allied against a common foe, begin planning for the future....

By Activision | Added May 17, 2000

The Labrynth demo

The Labyrinth brings the classic board game to life, with exciting 3D visuals and cleverly designed maze levels. It has a look and...

By NonStop Entertainment | Added May 17, 2000

Warlords Battlecry demo

Real-time strategy had no room for heroics....until now. The question is, will you be the hero of your race, or just another soldier...

By Strategic Simulations | Added May 17, 2000

BYOBingo (CE Handheld, HPC Pro)

BYOBingo stands for Build Your Own Bingo. Instead of numbers, the bingo board has words or phrases. Perfect for boring meetings, classes...

By Mohan Embar | Added May 12, 2000

Lemmings Revolution

The most recent addition to the Lemmings lineage, Lemmings: Revolution, brings a simple but elegant 3D environment to the challenge...

By TalonSoft | Added May 9, 2000

F-15 demo

From the developer: "Take the controls at any time or just sit back and watch the fireworks, since the demo is both self-running and...

By Jane's Combat Simulations | Added May 4, 2000

Shanghai: Second Dynasty

Shanghai: Second Dynasty extends its tile-matching puzzles and traditional mah-jongg games with ten new and classic games. Pair up...

By Activision | Added April 25, 2000

Freeride Earth

An atomic war has come at last. A very long night is here to stay, and it surely will be followed by an eternal winter. The entire...

By GraphitX | Added May 3, 2000

Combat Mission updated demo

Combat Mission is a 1 or 2 player, turn-based, simultaneous execution 3D simulation of WWII tactical warfare. It combines unparalleled...

By Big Time Software | Added May 15, 2000

LaserAge Gold

LaserAge is a retro game similar to Galaxian and Galaga clones. This shooter features power-ups and is highly detailed, combining nostalgia...

By Freeform Interactive | Added May 3, 2000

Mystery of Seagull Rd

Explore the house. Feed the dog. Watch TV. Go for a walk in the Australian bush. Make the right decisions and travel to a distant planet...

By Brown Dog Productions | Added May 4, 2000

Caesar III

now shipping the strategy city building simulation game

By Sierra Studios | Added May 14, 2000


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