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World War II: Pacific Heroes

WWII: Pacific Heroes is an innovative action game. It combines popular "point-and-shoot" gameplay with a simulation-action game. Everything...

By CI Games | Added December 12, 2003

Quake II - Pax Imperia mission pack

Years have passed. The remaining Strogg army hordes have retired from fighting, but have not given up their bloodthirsty lust for revenge....

By Mark Shan | Added December 11, 2003

Kites 3D

Full screen display video game as well as flying course, 'Kites 3D' is for beginners who would like to learn to fly. It is also for...

By PG Management Consultants | Added December 11, 2003

Virus 3

Virus 3 offers a captive version of a mini war using planning and blocking as the tools of play. People enjoy this game for different...

By Jetacer Interactive | Added December 10, 2003

Greyhound Predictor

Predict your own winners with this real-time greyhound tipping tool, simulator and game. Whilst running the race the 'predictor' takes...

By | Added December 10, 2003

Half-Life - Earth's Special Forces mod

This Half-Life mod is based on the Dragonball Z series and will allow you to perform your favorite characters' signature moves.

By ESForces | Added December 10, 2003

Spider Solitaire (Treo 600, Zire, Tungsten)

Spider Solitaire is the most fun solitaire game that is played with 104 cards in ten playing stacks. The object of Spider Solitaire...

By VilleMobile | Added December 10, 2003

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Infernus mod

With this mod, the Infernus will go over 9,999 km/h. It is also extremely heavy so any cars that get is your way will be halfway across...

By Ryan Snow | Added December 10, 2003

Stoked Rider

Picture a perfect snowboard day--blue sky, lots of powder, and a great mountain. You're relaxing in front of your computer and taking...

By Flow International | Added December 10, 2003

Unreal II: The Awakening XMP full install

The all-new XMP mode is a class-based multiplayer game wherein teams use vehicles, cooperation, and Unreal II: The Awakening's devastating...

By Atari | Added December 10, 2003

The Occasus Experiment

As the best fighter pilot in this quadrant it is up to you to deal with the situation. The organism must be destroyed before it can...

By Wrightgame | Added December 10, 2003

Inspector Parker

Something foul's afoot at Misanthrope Manor, and it's going to take a detective with a keen eye and a knack for suspicion to solve...

By RealArcade | Added December 10, 2003