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Cockroach Bang

Become the real lord of the kitchen trying to defeat all these horrifying monsters the cockroach army itself! They are here to eat...

7 hours ago By Daria Pavlyuk

Cake Security - Anti Cockroach

Become a real cockroach destroyer playing our new ultimate Cake Security - Anti Cockroach game! Tap the screen and dont let these terrible...

7 hours ago By Svetlana Korekhova

Smash Mosquito

Simple mosquito killing game. There will be a mosquito moving in a circular motion and if you press the repellent spray, the mosquito...

7 hours ago By TechnoBrain International

Eat Mosquito

This game's goal is to eat as many mosquitos as possible.A blue bird flaps in the high sky.Clouds float here and there.Small mosquitos...

7 hours ago By Sang Ki Kwon


Try to find mosquitos 360 degrees around you and shoot them .Don't forget to stand up before starting the game.

7 hours ago By Sepehr Azizian

Catch The Mosquito

Catch The Mosquito is a casual puzzle of endless running game, your purpose is to get higher score.Gameplay and skills1 Click the screen...

8 hours ago By VU HUU DA

Kill All Mosquitoes:Mini Game

Kill mosquitoes and protect your health! In the game, you need to kill mosquitoes within a limited time.Watch out! Do not let mosquitoes...

8 hours ago By Banghua Zhao

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