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Streaming iTunes via AirPlay is great. Having to switch to iTunes to adjust the volume is not. AirVolume makes this process seamless....

By Cordless Dog | Added June 4, 2018


ControlAir provides magical touch free control over media applications on your Mac, such as iTunes, Spotify and others. Just raise...

By eyeSight Technologies Ltd. | Added April 18, 2015

TodayRemote Helper

Swipe down from Lock Screen or any opened App and control your Mac media players right away! Devices communicate through Wi-Fi,...

By Radovan Paulech | Added January 31, 2015

iTunes Volume Control

- This little app allows you to control the iTunes volume using volume-up and volume-down hotkeys from your keyboard. - It allows...

By Andrea Alberti | Added December 28, 2014


Equilibrium gives you quick, easy access to music controls from your menu bar, desktop and keyboard. You can pause, skip, scrub and...

By Sunflower Softworks | Added July 11, 2014


After the Success of MiniPlayer for iOS I decided to make the OSX version. MiniPlayer let you control and search your Music with all...

By MPow | Added April 20, 2014


X-Tunes is a free, fast and uninstrusive utility to control iTunes playback without bringing the iTunes window to the foreground. X-Tunes...

By Pol-Online | Added June 16, 2008


Works exactly like X-Tunes did, with added ability to set ratings.

By Daniel Staudigel | Added December 27, 2007


Logitech sells a USB speaker system called Z-10. It has a panel with some buttons and an LCD display.This is where LogitechLCDTool...

By Marc Liyanage | Added January 5, 2007


ByteController is a small user interface utility for controlling iTunes. ByteController gives you three buttons in your menu bar: Previous...

By Bytetastic | Added January 3, 2007