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Streaming iTunes via AirPlay is great. Having to switch to iTunes to adjust the volume is not. AirVolume makes this process seamless....

June 4, 2018 By Cordless Dog


ControlAir provides magical touch free control over media applications on your Mac, such as iTunes, Spotify and others. Just raise...

April 18, 2015 By eyeSight Technologies Ltd.


Shuffle smartly and stay in control with Altunenator. Altunenator ensures that when you're playing media in iTunes, you don't hear...

January 31, 2015 By William Gustafson

TodayRemote Helper

Swipe down from Lock Screen or any opened App and control your Mac media players right away! Devices communicate through Wi-Fi,...

January 31, 2015 By Radovan Paulech

iTunes Volume Control

- This little app allows you to control the iTunes volume using volume-up and volume-down hotkeys from your keyboard. - It allows...

December 28, 2014 By Andrea Alberti


TunesBar+ is a remote control for iTunes that sits in your menu bar giving you a quick look at what track, artist and album is currently...

November 16, 2014 By Iain Holmes


Equilibrium gives you quick, easy access to music controls from your menu bar, desktop and keyboard. You can pause, skip, scrub and...

July 11, 2014 By Sunflower Softworks

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