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iTunes Timer

iTunes Timer is an AppleScript Studio app to calculate the total time iTunes has been playing. It can perform the calculation on any...

By Really Early Morning Software | Added August 9, 2003


Play AUDIO and/or VIDEO clips every time you login. Either play the whole audio/video clip or just a selection. You can choose between...

By 100% VEGETARIAN | Added January 21, 2003


Kaleidostrobe is a visual plug-in for iTunes on Mac OS X. It generates multi-layered animated kaleidoscopic patterns that are beat...

By Shehryar Lasi | Added August 29, 2002

Onadime Free Player

In addition to being a complete MP3 or music-CD player for your Mac, Onadime Player provides a visual feast of live animation. Get...

By Onadime | Added June 3, 2001