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QT Movie NoteTaker

If you ever need to watch a series of QuickTime movies and take notes, or if you need to get dailies or raw footage to clients or collaborators...

By DVcreators | Added May 4, 2006


GenieCommands is a unique programmable Media Center software application that allows you to control all your applications and media...

By GenieCommands | Added December 7, 2005


Take control of your Mac's menu bar and put the empty screen space to use. Create your own custom system-wide menus full of your most...

By MacPowerUser Software | Added April 27, 2005

Pod Manager

Say you want to retrieve music stored on your iPod while you're on the road ... or at a friend's? Did you lose all your songs while...

By Bruno Blondeau | Added February 12, 2004


MorePhotoLibs is born to be the perfect companion of the famous software iPhoto of Apple Computer. As iPhoto manage only one library...

By luc regnault | Added March 11, 2006


Multimedia player with playlist, supporting playback of all widely used media types (MPEG 1-4, DivX, AVI, ASF, Ogg Vorbis, RealMedia,...

By Klokan Petr Pridal | Added May 19, 2005


eNotes is an easy to use and complete tool to manage electronic notes in your Mac and synchronize them with the iPod and with other...

By AprendeXojo | Added May 1, 2006

WORLDview for iPod

Put the world on your iPod and access important information of all the countries in the world when ever you like.

By Longfingers In Motion | Added September 20, 2005


iPod to Folder lets you back up iPod music files to a folder on your PC. Detects the iPod music structure Calculate the iPod music...

By Longfingers In Motion | Added November 12, 2004

EphPod for 98SE/ME

EphPod is a full-featured, easy-to-use Windows application that connects with Apple's iPod. With a FireWire card and EphPod on a PC,...

By WindSolutions | Added October 27, 2004


TriTag helps you to get a clear MP3 collection by either creating a new filename out of the ID3Tag or filling the metatags using the...

By Feedface | Added August 19, 2004

Adium iTunes Controller

Have almost full control of iTunes right from Adium. The ability to skip, pause, play, control the volume and even select what song...

By reikonmusha | Added July 17, 2005

euPOD VolumeBoost

Apple introduced volume restricted iPods for the European market some time ago. That's why I wanted to make a freeware tool to avoid...

By Espen Ringom | Added October 20, 2004


Sofa is an application for MacOS X that allow you to control iTunes, the famous music player, in a whole different way. A small and...

By sofa project | Added February 29, 2004

WinniePod Updater

This updater can perform a full restore (as above) as well as an update, which will update the firmware without formatting the iPod,...

By Christopher Ashworth | Added July 22, 2004


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