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Mediabum allows you to upload, rate, and share videos online.

By Jelsoft | Added September 23, 2007


Operator11 is an Internet television network that leverages the high production values of broadcast television with the social networking...

By Operator11 | Added September 23, 2007


Matchmine is a media discovery platform, meaning we help match video, audio and textual content with you based on a sophisticated understanding...

By Matchmine | Added September 23, 2007


TitanTV Media is building the Internets first broadcast network, turning its Web site,, into a worldwide source for local,...

By TitanTV Media | Added September 23, 2007

Make Me Watch TV

Make Me Watch TV is a site where you get to force Aric McKeown, to watch whatever TV show you please. All it takes is a simple free...

By Aric McKeown | Added September 23, 2007


Podesk is a dead simple way for independent content creators and producers to publish videos on the Internet. Its faster and easier...

By Bertrand Gondouin | Added September 23, 2007

ON Networks

ON Networks brings you the best original, professionally-produced shows available anytime, anywhere on your PC, TV, iPod or iPhone...

By ON Networks | Added September 23, 2007


Streamick provides the largest broadband Internet TV service of the Web. Thousands of users use Streamick every day to connect to the...

By | Added September 23, 2007


Start editing, sharing, and preserving your video in a whole new way. It's Video Sharing for Grown-Ups. Create customized movies from...

By HomeMovie | Added September 23, 2007


Ustream is a platform that provides live interactive video for everyone. Anyone with a camera and an Internet connection can use Ustream...

By | Added September 23, 2007


Neokast is a live video streaming platform that enables everyone to broadcast live video content of any length over the Internet. Anyone...

By Neokast | Added September 23, 2007


Veryfunnyads is a Web site about very funny ads. The TV commercials you see here are some of the funniest from around the world. This...

By Turner Broadcasting System | Added September 23, 2007


TubeBattle is a community-driven video rating system. With so many videos out there, it's often hard to find time to watch them all....

By | Added September 23, 2007


TopUFO is a free source of UFO and UFO related vidoes and documentaries.

By Top UFO | Added September 23, 2007

Neavetv is a selection of top quality, creative, weird, and wonderful videos found on the Web, presented in a TV-style (continuously...

By | Added September 23, 2007