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Kanto Karaoke Player for Mac is the app that allows you to play audio and karaoke files: mp3, kar, mid, mp3+g, cdg, kfn, mp4 video...

May 14, 2017 By Globosoft

Karaoke 5 Lite

Karaoke 5 Lite lets you easily create MID KAR KFN MP3 MP4 FLV CDG CDA+G MP3+G WMA WMA+cdg files for executions live without loss of...

April 4, 2017 By Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 - Lite Freeware

Excellent Player and Creator of file Karaoke K5 MID KAR KFN MP3 MP4 FLV CDG CDA+G MP3+G WMA WMA+cdg for executions live without loss...

April 4, 2017 By Karaoke 5

kJams Lite

kJams is a karaoke jukebox for Mac and Windows. In the Lite version, you can now rip (import), mix (make playlists) and play (from...

August 14, 2016 By kJams


Lolaoke is the best HD karaoke player, easy to use, cost free. Can store millions of songs, can just use a remote control to select...

June 7, 2016 By Karaoke4Pro

Winlive Synth Driver

Winlive Synth Driver is a powerful multitimbral (up tu 16 part) virtual synthesizer, comptible GM/GS. It permit up to 128 polifony...

May 16, 2016 By Promusicsoftware

Winlive Mobile Karaoke

The first karaoke App for Android devoloped by ProMusicSoftware. Here a list of some features: Fast start of Midi and Kar with key...

May 11, 2016 By Promusicsoftware

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