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Analog Clock

In the era of robotic Mars explorations, humans still prefer more human-oriented devices on earth. For instant information at-a-glance,...

By Excode Software | Added December 2, 2005

Desktop Exchange

New Wallpaper Changer for your computer, easy change your desktop background every sec or days, direct access to quality wallpaper...

By Desktop Exchange | Added December 1, 2005


Wings is a cross-platform relational database that manages bird records. It runs on Apple's Macintosh OS X and on Microsoft's Windows...

By Wings | Added December 1, 2005

Crystal XP

Crystal XP changes the transpancy of all windows, like by some screenshots of the new Windows Vista (or Longhorn). Also you can see...

By Sven Nobis | Added December 1, 2005

Qlock Pro

Qlock Pro is a quick, stylish, simple yet powerful world clock that you can be proud of having on your desktop. Display the time in...

By Qlock | Added November 30, 2005


Off Timer is designed to shut down any program or process at a predetermined time. It also features a countdown timer mode. This works...

By Dan Beland | Added November 30, 2005

Change Mon Ecran

Need for another wallpaper each day. Change Mon Ecran is made for you. With each starting another wallpaper. Random change of the wallpaper...

By Relod Trucs,Patchs&Astuces | Added November 30, 2005


Amazing little software that bring Newsflash into your desktop. The program replace Windows Run service with very easy to use tool....

By webTiVision | Added November 30, 2005

Active Tray

Active Tray is ground-breaking software which finally allows you to transform your meager Windows System Tray into the most important...

By Divcom Software | Added November 30, 2005

Ceefax Viewer

This widget will let you view Ceefax at any time using Dashboard. Ceefax (phonetic for "See Facts") is the BBC's teletext information...

By Matt Sephton | Added November 29, 2005

Aperture Board Search

With this cute little widget you can search the discussion board for Apple's Pro-Software Aperture.

By Lots a Bits GmbH & Co. KG | Added November 29, 2005


System Preferences pane that allows you to easily and safely customize the appearance of Mac OS X. Run screen savers as your desktop...

By Keaka Jackson | Added November 29, 2005

Start Menu Cleaner

If your Start Menu a mess and has old shortcuts on your Start Menu left behind from Un-installs gone wrong, Start Menu Cleaner can...

By Marcus Wynwood | Added November 28, 2005

ITVNW Widget

ITV is a half-hour daily television series that will be airing in the Pacific Northwest on the FOX affiliates in ten cities, on our...

By ITV | Added November 28, 2005

How GOES it Widget

Why trust the weatherman? See for yourself whats coming right from your dashboard. This widget downloads a new image every thirty minutes...

By The Bitcastle | Added November 27, 2005