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123Macmini Widget

An online community dedicated to uniting Mac mini users and enthusiasts. This simple widget allows you to receive the latest Mac mini...

By | Added September 28, 2005


A widget designed for simplicity and elegance. Why wait for some overcomplicated blog posting software like W.Bloggar or MacJournal...

By June Tate | Added September 27, 2005

Dailymotion Dashboard Widget

This widget automatically subscribes to the proper RSS feed and shows the last nine videos posted on Dailymotion. You can customise...

By Dailymotion | Added September 27, 2005

Creativebits Widget

Gives you several different RSS feeds from the community Web site. You can define if you want to see the blog feed,...

By | Added September 27, 2005

Club RSX

Browse the Club RSX Message Board without even launching a Web browser. Users can choose up to five forums to track with quick access,...

By Club RSX | Added September 27, 2005

Caborian RSS Reader

This widget allows to access to the RSS newsfeed of Web site.

By | Added September 27, 2005

Bubu the Pug

The latest headlines from all wrapped up in a widget featuring my darlin' face. Now, really, give me a cookie.

By Bloggato | Added September 27, 2005

Animated Desktops 201

Animated Desktops 201 is a special bundle of three of Animation Bureau's Animated Desktops. This bundle includes our popular "Sisyphus",...

By Animation Bureau | Added September 27, 2005

Tray Uptime Teller

Like a friendly and efficient bank teller, the Tray Uptime Teller provides you courteous and professional service, sitting in your...

By | Added September 27, 2005


blinkx is a tool for your Mac that changes the way users interact with all kinds of information. Fundamentally, blinkx understands...

By blinkx | Added September 26, 2005


A Simple iTunes controller that looks like a little color iPod on your desktop. Click play/pause, previous, next - just like you would...

By Yellow Monkey Software | Added September 26, 2005


iVEAN is a set of the useful and nice 3D objects in a 3D graphic shell. This version contains next objects: 3D clock, 3D calculator,...

By iVEAN Software | Added September 25, 2005


unRAR command line utility. See for a CLI rar for Mac OS X. This unrar adds a small patch to handle old Mac OS 9 RAR archives...

By William Kyngesburye | Added September 23, 2005

Silent Shadows Voice Reconition Program

This program is a voice recognition program. It will shutdown the computer or restart. It will also open files, interact with Winamp...

By Silent Shadows | Added September 21, 2005