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This dockling allows you to have a magic eightball in your dock ! Just ask a question out loud and press the EightBall to get an answer....

By Inferiis | Added August 18, 2002

Desktop Effects

With Apple's newest operating system (10.2) you can now run your screen saver as your desktop background, and Desktop Effects gives...

By Flying Meat | Added August 23, 2002


This program allows to specify an unlimited number of programs to launch when your Mac server is unattended, with a very easy and fast...

By Tension Software | Added September 4, 2002


SceneSaver is a complimentary screen saver of twenty-two high resolution photographs of some of the best nature has to offer our world....

By JerMar Software | Added August 29, 2002


From the developer: "This is a multi function timer that can be used to time various events. It can count up or down, and changed midway...

By Matt Baclar | Added September 7, 2002


MacNoteTaker lets you write notes up to 32,676 long. It stores them in a hierachical structure with unlimited nested folders just like...

By MacNoteTaker | Added August 19, 2002


ClipBoardStarage (CBS) remembers any text or graphics copied in a clipboard. CBS is a program necessary for each man, who unintentionally...

By Webthread | Added September 4, 2002


From the developer: ""NicTime maintains the accuracy of your computer's clock by syncronizing with one of several NTP Time Servers...

By Level3 Software | Added August 25, 2002

NookNak 2004

NookNak allows you to activate or deactivate your screensaver, mute the sound on your PC, or start your favorite program, by moving...

By Complete Software Solutions (New Zealand) | Added September 5, 2002


SDesk (Scrollable Desktop) is not a multidesktop application. Instead, it simulates a single, giant desktop up to 32,000x32,000 pixels....

By | Added August 15, 2002

Virtual Desk

Virtual Desk is a desktop manager to create many virtual desktops and switch among them. Virtual Desk provides three methods to allow...

By JDSoft | Added September 4, 2002

FastOpen XP Gold

From the developer: ""FastOpen XP Gold let you design menus that work just like the Start menu. It takes very little time to come up...

By PiQuest Software | Added September 4, 2002

AquaRuler (Classic)

AquaRuler 3.0.3 is a ruler for your computer. It's features include horizontal and vertical rulers that are transparent that can be...

By dot software | Added September 7, 2002

Backdrop GC

From the developer: ""Backdrop'GC is an application for color Palm OS devices that allows you to install an image as a background screen,...

By Twilight Edge Software | Added August 29, 2002

Asia 3Desktop

It's a 3D environment for Windows desktop. Using it you can easily create shortcuts represented by objects for any program. Virtual...

By ACware | Added August 20, 2002


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