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Massassi: Star Wars Desktop Icons

From the developer: "This download contains a zip file that contains a lot of icons, an number of animated icons and cursors (.cur,...

By Massassi Order | Added September 24, 2002

Topmost Clock

From the developer: "Topmost Clock is a transparent desktop clock, which runs on top of all other windows. It may have a digital or...

By SoftDemon | Added September 20, 2002


From the developer: "DesktopFreak is an easy-to-use program used to change your desktop theme as a whole, or to change the components...

By Cwhere Software | Added September 24, 2002

Wallpaper Changer

This program will run in the background and change your desktop wallpaper at regular intervals. You also can tell it to change the...

By Hell's Triangles | Added September 16, 2002

Protein Chromo

Protein Chromo is a patent-pending colour clock technology that was conceived by Protein Mainframe in March 2000. The purpose of Protein...

By Protein Mainframe | Added September 17, 2002

Desktop Portal

A desktop portal that incorporates the best and most important features of Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Google, and the Portals and integrate...

By MoreLogic | Added September 15, 2002

Desktop Magic

From the developer: ""Desktop Magic allows you to easily change your desktop wallpaper, or change it automatically at a set interval...

By Fusion Software | Added September 16, 2002

Freezer Color Scheme

From the developer: "If you like Dragonball Z, this Kaleidoscope Color Scheme is for you. Enhance your desktop with the appearance...

By H2 Studio | Added September 16, 2002


IconIt takes the hassle out of assigning new icons to files and folders in Mac OS X. IconIt puts a convenient menu of all your icons...

By definingDesign | Added September 23, 2002

Zonex Worldclock

Zonex world clock shows the time everywhere in the world at a glance. The clock has a unique patented design and displays the local...

By World Time Products | Added September 23, 2002

Chameleon Desktop

Chameleon Desktop is an advanced graphical utility that will allow you to apply different artistic effects to your desktop wallpaper....

By Media Resizer | Added September 26, 2002

Quick Menu Builder

Quick Menu Builder enables you to create custom executable menus. Your custom menu is compiled into a standalone executable file and...

By MattgoSoft | Added September 16, 2002


AllToTray allows you to minimize any window to your System Tray. It adds the option 'Minimize to Tray' to the System menu of the window....

By DNTSoft | Added September 23, 2002

WorkStrip X

WorkStrip X is a systemwide productivity-enhancement tool for professional and intensive Mac users. Situated on the desktop, WorkStrip...

By Softchaos | Added September 21, 2002

Quiz Builder

Quiz Builder is a simple Cocoa application for Mac OS X to create, save, and print multiple choice quizzes. An editable table view...

By Mark Chen-Quee | Added September 23, 2002


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