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Use this up-dated version of DashCook to search great recipes - now you can select specific international cuisines such as Thai, Chinese,...

By Made in Lab | Added June 23, 2005

Scoreboard Widget

This widget displays baseball scores. It either scrolls through all games for the current day or lets you choose one game/team to track....

By Ryan Inselmann | Added June 22, 2005

Evite Widget

Download the Evite Widget to your desktop. The widget will keep track of all your invitations by displaying the name and date of your...

By | Added June 22, 2005

iTunes Lyrics Widget

This widget tries to download lyrics from 4 different websites before admitting defeat. Some features include being resizable, lyrics...

By Avivn | Added June 22, 2005

Google Maps Widget

The Google Maps Widget provides a simple interface for viewing maps and satellite photos of locations in the US, UK and Canada. Maps...

By | Added June 22, 2005

True Eraser

TrueEraser is an advanced security tool for Windows, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your computer. TrueEraser...

By 46Soft | Added June 23, 2005


This program creates 99 virtual deskops that make working with a big number of open windows and applications more easier. Whenever...

By Mare Septimiu Fabian | Added June 22, 2005

Basic Pack Icon Collection

The Basic Pack Icon collection was designed using soft bevels and fresh colors with 110 icons for use in toolbars and navigation elements....

By Fast Icon Studio | Added June 21, 2005

Craigslist Widget

The Craigslist Widget gives you the award winning, world famous message board as a Dashboard application! It displays the 15 most recent...

By Twin Creative NYC | Added June 24, 2005

Folder Style

Assign eye-catching icons to individual Windows folders, making every folder different. Simply select a folder and pick an icon you...

By 6Bytes Software | Added June 23, 2005


NoMenuBar is a simple application without menu bar item, so it let lots of space for the right side menu bar item (like time, airport...

By Jeb-Soft | Added June 24, 2005 Connection Status

The widget shows if you're connected to the servers, so you know if your connection is secure or not.

By | Added June 24, 2005


World News, Mapped. A widget with hooks into View the most active areas of news in the world at a glance. Also...

By Chin Music Press | Added June 21, 2005


ZopeEditManager is a native Cocoa application that provides ExternalEditor functionality for Mac OS X users. Written using the PyObjC...

By Urbanape | Added June 26, 2005

seeCard Rendezvous

seeCard Rendezvous allows to share any Mac OS X address book, browse and view remote address books and synchronize address books. Address...

By turingart, branch of CUBiC | Added June 27, 2005


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