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Berlin Webcams

The Berlin Web cam Widget displays Web cam images from Unter den Linden, Schlosspalatz, Ausstellungshalle. Available image sizes are...

By Tsvetan Hristov | Added July 31, 2007

Central Oregon Cams

Cam viewer with specific images from my Central Oregon perspective. This version is the first release on CNET

By Travis Wells | Added July 31, 2007

CPU Meter

A CPU meter which displays the CPU usage in visual as well as number format. This version is the first release on CNET

By Chand Malu | Added July 31, 2007


Regulates the sound according to how hard your CPU is working. This version is the first release on CNET

By Eduard Kruger | Added July 31, 2007


Allows the editing of one's Backpack page to-dos list and notes through the use of the Backpack remote API. Get more information on...

By Romuald du Song | Added July 31, 2007

See Sheep

Enjoy an outside live camera of a small sheep farm in Anderson, South Carolina. Updated every 60 seconds. You might see: The sheep,...

By Peter Togel | Added July 31, 2007


RSSX is an RSS reader that lets you add multiple news feeds to it and rotate through them using the contextual menu or the buttons...

By Jozef Mlich | Added July 31, 2007

Pseudorandom Generator

Pseudorandom Generator is a demonstration of the included pseudorandom generator package (pseudorandgen.js). This code is free under...

By Wes Ingalls | Added July 31, 2007

Radar In Motion

A port of the popular Dashboard widget that grabs radar images from the Weather Channel or NOAA and displays the animation. One can...

By Kamal Aboul-Hosn | Added July 31, 2007


A completely redesigned Konpose Notes. Main features: entirely text based; multiple notes, separate sizes, and locations; can be minimized...

By Justin Li | Added July 31, 2007

Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News displays Bloomberg financial news. This version is the first release on CNET

By Naveen Joshi | Added July 31, 2007

Osnat Fine Art

Enjoy a vast collection of original, modern, contemporary, abstract, and landscape art, by the world-renowned artist Osnat. This widget...

By Osnat Tzadok | Added July 31, 2007

Flight Sim News

Latest flight simulation news, new products, features, announcements, and Flight Simulator X news. Such as 20 Items Shown, Custom Update...

By Eric McCLintock | Added July 31, 2007