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Clipboard Recorder

Clipboard Recorder improves your productivity by extending the windows clipboard functionalities. It works alongside the regular Windows...

By lw-works | Added January 31, 2007

SearchInform Free

Full-text documents search on your desktop. Searching documents similar by content. Fast indexing (6 GB/h). Support of any text formats...

By SoftInform | Added January 31, 2007

Add 'em Up

More than just a calculator. Add 'em Up can perform math calculations on data that resides on the Windows Clipboard. Although Add 'em...

By PC Shareware | Added January 31, 2007


WinPaster allows to quickly paste a text, graphical or other type of data, prepared beforehand, into any application, using clipboard....

By FineApp | Added January 31, 2007

CintiSoft Default Printer Changer

This simple utility allows you to change the default printer with a click of a button. A notify icon will be displayed next to Windows...

By CintiSoft | Added January 31, 2007

MCE Mover

Tool that enable to use Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition on systems with two {or more} monitors with different size and resolution...

By Martin Zeman | Added January 28, 2007


Locked is an all new computer locker, which will lock up your computer until you type the password. It is a great locker.

By Tyler Conn | Added January 28, 2007

Cameleon Clock

Cameleon Clock, the name says everything. This fancy little analogue clock is semitransparent and customizable. It has an easy-to-use...

By Mznt | Added January 28, 2007

CPU & Ram Meter

CPU & Ram Meter is a small application which resides on your desktop and provides useful information about your computer's processor...

By Mznt | Added January 28, 2007

Icons-Land Vista Style Multimedia Icons Set

If you are developing media-centered software application (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), mobile application or website, and you would like...

By Icons-Land | Added January 28, 2007

LiveCargo Mac Widget

This elegant widget allows you to send files up to 100mb for free. With the LiveCargo widget sending very large files is fast, easy...

By LiveCargo | Added January 25, 2007

XP Shortcuts

Many simple activities in Windows XP involve opening too many menus. XP Shortcuts allows you to create BOTH keyboard and desktop shortcuts...

By Maksim Sosnovskiy | Added January 25, 2007


sTabLauncher is a highly customizable toolbar, which allows you to find and run all your favorite programs, folders, Web pages, with...

By Sergio Santos | Added January 25, 2007

Taskbar Magnifier

Taskbar Magnifier magnifies part of the screen from the taskbar.

By Microsoft | Added January 25, 2007

Scalable Fabric

Scalable Fabric is a task management system for the Windows desktop. A central focus area, defined by you, contains windows that behave...

By Microsoft | Added January 25, 2007