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Hankering Habitats

The purpose of this game is to teach students about the habitats (biomes) that exist on Earth and the organisms that live in them....

By Athena Soft | Added January 23, 2009

Word Trainer

If you ever tried learning a new language, you know how hard it is, besides learning the grammar, to acquire new words. Word Trainer...

By Word Trainer | Added January 23, 2009

Website Traffic Generation

Website Traffic Generation can be easily achieved at low cost or free using many available techniques. You will amazed how easy it...

By Pappabear Publishing | Added January 23, 2009

Basal Metabolic Rate Counter

BMR Calculator is a Windows software program designed to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate, the amount of calories required to sustain...

By Actabit Weight Loss | Added January 22, 2009

Trigonometry Problem Solver

The Trigonometry Problem Solver is a user-friendly program for solving various trigonometry problems that you enter. Its capability...

By CyberEd | Added January 23, 2009

Valgetal Falling Numbers

Valgetal ("falling numbers" in Dutch) is an educational falling blocks-style math game with 20 progressively difficult levels for addition,...

By Joustra Software | Added January 21, 2009

GRE Vocabulary Terminator (Multimedia)

Indispensable excellent software for GRE takers who want to conquer difficult GRE vocabulary. All words come from Chinese GRE Red Bible....

By CloudCrown Studio | Added January 25, 2009

GRE Writing Conqueror

Excellent, unique software designed especially for conquering the GRE Writing. 5 powerful modules: Practice of Writing, Practice of...

By CloudCrown Studio | Added January 25, 2009

Multiplication Practice

Simple program to help sharpen multiplication skills. Users can pick between 1,2, or 3 digit problems. The program will generate random...

By Math Martians | Added January 21, 2009

Touch Typing Deluxe

This typing tutor provides diversified and effective training of touch typing with six different lesson types and a detailed result...

By Vinarski IT Services | Added January 24, 2009

GRE Red & Blue Bible

Indispensable excellent software for GRE takers who want to conquer difficult GRE vocabulary. Basing on Chinese classic GRE Red Bible...

By CloudCrown Studio | Added January 25, 2009

QuotesTK Basic

Investors who want quick access to free historical stock quotes, look no further. QuotesTK quickly downloads securities grouped by...

By Piatek Software | Added January 23, 2009

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor teaches the skill of touch-typing (typing with all the fingers without looking at the keys) in an accessible...

By Runtime Revolution | Added January 21, 2009


The Almagest is a famous book in Greek astronomy and represented an essential source for astronomers. In analogy to the book, this...

By Julian Schrittwieser | Added January 22, 2009


ChemTable is a freeware Periodic Table application that runs on monochrome Palm OS handhelds. The program is quite straightforward...

By Robert Eng | Added January 23, 2009


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