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Sun Calculator

Sun Calculator is simple Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset times and position calculator developed for any person who is interested in that,...

By Preview Systems | Added January 29, 2002

Glucose Log

Keep track of your blood glucose levels and insulin administrations with this application. Also included is an insulin sliding scale...

By Software | Added January 29, 2002

SETI Monitor

SETI Monitor is a free add-on for SETI@home. It allows you to monitor the activity of your SETI@home client and see what it finds using...

By Lior Fainshil | Added January 28, 2002

AW Esperanto-English Dictionary

Esperanto-English (Esperanto-Angla) Dictionary. 16826 words. This dictionary contains the most used words and it is perfect word set...

By AbsoluteWord | Added January 28, 2002

AW Esperanto-Portuguese Dictionary

Esperanto-Portuguese (Esperanto-Portugala, Esperanto-Português) Dictionary. 15377 words. This dictionary contains the most used words...

By AbsoluteWord | Added January 28, 2002

Bible Squares Challenge

The traditional tic-tac-toe game but with a christian flavor. To win a square in the board you will have to answer a bible question....

By CVV Ministries | Added January 28, 2002

My Study-Buddy

My Study-Buddy is a simple to use computer program that will improve your study and test taking skills. It accomplishes this task by...

By My Study-Buddy | Added January 28, 2002

AW Esperanto-German Dictionary

Esperanto-German (Esperanto-Germana, Esperanto-Deutsch) Dictionary. 10948 words. This dictionary contains the most used words and it...

By AbsoluteWord | Added January 27, 2002


The easy way to learn words and phrases of a foreign language. The standard-distribution is prepared for the languages English/German....

By Harald Rocktäschel | Added January 26, 2002

1-2-3 Word Search Maker

1-2-3 Word Search Maker is as easy to use as 1-2-3. Used by thousands worldwide. It checks spelling and formats the puzzle on a page...

By Variety Games | Added January 25, 2002


Matrix is a Windows application designed to perform matrix operations for linear algebra students. All calculations are done with unlimited...

By Dan Bergerud | Added January 25, 2002

Your Treasure Map to Success in MLM

Your Treasure Map to Success in MLM covers network marketing 101 and the qualities to look for in an MLM opportunity. It also provides...

By | Added January 25, 2002


Conversions of units and currencies are done efficiently by using a single input-field. You type like you think, entering a number...

By John Le Welsch | Added January 24, 2002

The Weekly Aliyot

Short summary of the Shabbat Torah portion.

By Dovid Zirkind | Added January 24, 2002

Bible Flash

List your Bible notes, then review with flash cards.

By | Added January 23, 2002