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A lightweight CPU and GPU Benchmark software! Find out how fast your processor is by running a simple test that lasts a few seconds!...

1 day ago By InfinitySoftware

E-Z Contact Book

E-Z Contact Book is an easy to use yet powerful Windows program to store and manage contact information. You can use it as a business...

2 days ago By Dmitri Karshakevich

PlotDigitizer Pro

With PlotDigitizer, users can quickly extract numerical data from graphs, plots, charts, and images. It supports several graph types,...

April 12, 2021 By PlotDigitizer


TeXmacs provides a unified and user-friendly framework for editing structured documents with different types of content: text, mathematics,...

April 12, 2021 By Joris van der Hoeven


Text search and extraction software for PDF documents with CJK and vertical writing scripts support. Search regular expression or literal...

April 11, 2021 By AuroSoft

Cisdem ContactsMate

Cisdem ContactsMate (formally known as ContactManager) is a great Mac contacts manage application. Beside to backup all of the Contacts,...

April 1, 2021 By Cisdem


Fast, simple, and beautiful, thoughtfully designed flexible countdown timer. Just type whatever you need: timer's name, countdown period,...

March 29, 2021 By Dmitry Guzhanin

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