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Teacup Software announces the launch of TypeFitter, a new multi-functional plug-in that fits text without compromising quality typography....

By Teacup Software | Added June 19, 2005

Badia FullMeasure XT

FullMeasure is a context-sensitive control palette that collects more than 150 functions within 11 panels, saving screen space, time...

By Badia Software | Added June 2, 2005

DesktopPublisher Pro

DesktopPublisher Pro delivers the power-packed desktop publishing solutions that power users need to transform concepts into stunning...

By Metis International | Added February 7, 2005


PuzzleIt makes puzzles with up to 81 pieces out of any GIF or JPEG image.

By Image-ination | Added January 20, 2005

ALAP ImagePort

Imagine never having to flatten a Photoshop file again! For the first time, use the power of multi-layer PhotoShop images directly...

By ALAP | Added December 26, 2004

Kodak EasyShare Gallery

To help you get more camera out of your camera phone the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery has gone mobile! When you download the KODAK Mobile...

By Kodak EASYSHARE Gallery | Added December 13, 2004

PDF/X Checkup

PDF/X Checkup is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat for preflighting and producing PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 files.

By Apago | Added November 2, 2004


The choice of professionals and novices alike for re-purposing Quark documents into many different formats. Easy-to-use, inexpensive...

By GLUON | Added October 27, 2004

GLUON Cropster

The professionals' choice for setting up mechanical and page markings. This powerful XTension will set up crop marks, guides and dimension...

By GLUON | Added October 27, 2004


ThunderSetup Professional is a powerful, completely script-based Win32 installation tool that includes a redistributable web updating...

By cmWare | Added April 13, 2004


PageComposer is designed to bridge the gap between proprietary prepress system and the desktop publishing world. This application allows...

By Rorke Data Europe | Added March 31, 2004

Macromedia FreeHand MX

Tool of choice for designers creating and producing illustrations and layouts for print and the Web. FreeHand's uses range from commercial...

By Adobe Systems | Added February 26, 2004


PhotoSite contains two editing feature sets in one program. The primary application is a web-publishing tool with batch processing...

By ZBit | Added February 25, 2004

Vistas XT

Vistas XT is a free XTension for QuarkXPress that introduces afloating palette which displays a color thumbnail of the active spread...

By Badia Software | Added December 28, 2003

PDF Information Reporter

The PDF Information Reporter is a Windows application working side-by-side with Adobe Acrobat versions 4, 5, or 6 (running in the background),...

By Northwest Technology Advisors | Added November 21, 2003