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A web site without content is like a circle without a circumference - conceptually fascinating but ultimately not very useful. Where...

By ACEINC | Added March 29, 2003


InfoSnorkel is a Windows application that makes it easy to create customized, up-to-date, personal news pages that contain information...

By Blue Elephant Software | Added May 28, 2003


pMachine is a feature-rich, browser-based web publishing application that enables the creation of dynamic, database-driven web sites....

By pMachine | Added June 26, 2003


BlogApp allows users to easily post to their weblog, but with unprecedented features not available from any other posting application...

By Objective Labs | Added May 5, 2003


This is an AppleScript that was designed to function in the Mac OS 10.2 Script Menu. It's main purpose is to allow users of's...

By Objective Labs | Added January 10, 2003


Weblogue (if that name sticks) is a program which automates the insertion of traditional weblog-type entries. It can be configured...

By David Kirk | Added October 16, 2000


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