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The MetaKit Library is a software development library for storage, transport, and manipulation of structured objects and collections...

By Equi4 Software | Added November 5, 2000

ODBiC: Open Database Internet Connector

ODBiC is a simple but powerful interface between your Web pages and your ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) databases. It can run as...

By ODBiC Software | Added August 17, 2000

Microsoft SQL Server Service Pack 2

SQL Server Service Pack 2 (SP2) addresses specific issues that were discovered in SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0...

By Microsoft | Added April 23, 2000

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 SP 5a

This update to Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 fixes various issues and bugs. Service Pack 5a fixes memory leak issue with SQLSERVR.EXE, improves...

By Microsoft | Added February 22, 2000