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POC Telephony App

POC Telephony App developed for Rescare

7 hours ago By ResCare Applications

MikroWave FREE

A fully functional version of "MikroWave", your pocket sketchbook for quickly jotting down ideas for a melody... accompanied by a beat.This...

7 hours ago By

Amino Acid Synthesizer

This app uses a self-consistent method to translate amino acid sequences into audible sound. The sonification method uses the normal...

7 hours ago By MIT Laboratory for Atomistic & Molecular Mechanics

Eternal Flow Acid

If you like sound of TB-303 and acid techno music, you can turn your phone into endless acid techno "mix" or "live" generator.Just...

7 hours ago By Petr Serkin

Acid-base Dx

Acid-base disorders occur commonly among hospitalized patients and are important markers of altered physiologic states.A full assessment...

7 hours ago By Andr Roberto

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