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Auto Clicker - Automatic tap

Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.Auto Clicker does NOT require root access.Have...

By True Developers Studio | Added 7 hours ago


Are you fast enough for DEUL?DEUL is a fast paced action packed shooting game that will test your reflexes, accuracy and timing. Try...

By GreenLight Games | Added 7 hours ago


Decntralized hard fork of Electroneum. Registration now open!

By Blockchained Solutions | Added 7 hours ago

2FA Authenticator app

2fa authentication generates secure two step verification tokens on your mobile device by simply scanning the QR code.* Most major...

By Mobile Games IMob | Added 7 hours ago

Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile

Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile is an innovative mobile identity application that enables individuals to strongly authenticate using their...

By Entrust | Added 7 hours ago

Folding Blocks

The exciting challenge of Folding Blocks will have you instantly mesmerized! Unfold your blocks correctly to fill the space and complete...

By Popcore Games | Added 7 hours ago

Defender Soft Token

If you need to use two-factor authentication to access your business network and resources but dont want to carry a second device,...

By One Identity | Added 7 hours ago

Ruqya against Sihr & Evil Eye

For Spiritual Healing against Evil Eye, Sihr, Black Magic, defense against evil magicians, Sahirs, jinns and shayateenWith selected...

By | Added 8 hours ago

FreeOTP Authenticator

FreeOTP adds a second layer of security for your online accounts. This works by generating one-time passwords on your mobile devices...

By Red Hat | Added 8 hours ago

FlexiServer Employee Management

FlexiServer is a solution to create a flexible work environment with automatic employee time attendance logging. In addition to tracking...

By NCH Software | Added 8 hours ago