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Wine Manager (Managing cellar)

Consult your wine cellar like a pro!Wine Manager is an application for managing wine cellar in a simple and comprehensive way.Ergonomics...

By Mv | Added 7 hours ago


Change you device name, view your battery status, check your firmware version and more!Additional options: Enable Voice Answer, Route...

By BITwave | Added 7 hours ago

Working Scale Free

"Working Scale Free" uses your phone's sensors to measure the mass (or weight) of a small object placed on it. The minimum mass you...

By sciencewithandroid | Added 7 hours ago

Kitchen Scale

Determine weight of ingredient like salt, sugar, powdered sugar, flour, rice, pepper, gold, silver.Just set weight and fill up white...

By SxSoft | Added 7 hours ago

Scale in Grams Simulator joke

Convenient portable joke scale simulator on android. Jokely weigh any items weighing up to 999 grams on the phone screen. Boast to...

By VizyyGames | Added 7 hours ago

Wine Rater Free

Calculator for wine evaluationEvaluate wine like a professional. You will be using a 100-point scale that is widely used in international...

By ARTAX | Added 7 hours ago

Weight Scale Simulator

Digital scale simulator(prank) for an approximate measure of the weight of the object on the screen. Currently, very few devices have...

By ScalesDev | Added 7 hours ago

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying GlassMagnifying Glass is an useful application which allows you to turn your phone into a Magnifier.Magnifying Glass is...

By Pony Mobile | Added 7 hours ago

Digital Scale Simulator

digital weight scale is a free scale app estimator and simulator for Weighting small things on grams with your phone and impress your...

By Carrie Apps | Added 7 hours ago