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8 SoundCloud

8SoundCloud is an awesome music player built for YOU and your Windows 10 Device. Are you ready for a brand new world of music? Listen...

By Delaire Damien | Added 7 hours ago

Princess Guru Messy Room

Princess Guru Messy Room is the cleaning game by ajazgames. It's about cleaning princess guru room Pick up thrash and good items drop...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

CCC ONE Lobby for Windows 10

CCC ONE Lobby streamlines the check-in process for collision repair facilities by eliminating the need to rekey valuable customer and...

By CCC Information Services | Added 7 hours ago

Pillow Cut House Escape

Assume that you are trapped inside a house. You will have more additional excitement in playing this point and click escape game. You...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

Islamic Apps for Windows 10

This app is a collection of Islamic applications like Quran, Hadith, Life pf Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

By Shahansha | Added 7 hours ago

Escape Threo Room

Escape Threo room can you escape the three (threo) room at the earliest, its a simple game that makes you think a little different...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

Video Rotate+ for Windows 10

Video Rotate+ helps you to Rotate or Flip ANY video file and create a new Video in two simple steps. It supports 6 different choices...

By Mobility in Life Applications | Added 7 hours ago

Escape Happy Holi

Escape Happy Holi game wishes all of you a very Happy Holi. Celebrate the festival of colors by using your brains on this game. Use...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

Escape Game Sultan

Escape Game Sultan is the new point and click escape game from ajazgames. You will have to use all your sneaking & hunting skills to...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

SimpleStream for Windows 10

SimpleStream is a simplistic IPTV player. It can play. m3u8 or. ts streams. SimpleStream allows user to add IPTV channel lists and...

By TPWorks | Added 7 hours ago

AppDealing for Windows 10

AppDealing - the D is silent Have the greatest app idea ever? Need an app to solve a problem? With this app you can order your own...

By Majutzki | Added 7 hours ago

Escape Game Safety Helmet

Escape Game Safety HelmetEscape Game Safety Helmet is the new point and click escape games from ajazgames, safety for kids is the most...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

Escape Game Plot End

Escape Game Plot End is the new escape game from ajazgames. This is a new escape game to make a new attempt of escape, the pleasure...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

Escape Game Immature Boy

Escape game immature boy is the new point and click escape games from Ajazgames. your one and only mission in this game is to save...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

eTextScanner for Windows 10

A Free Edition of eTextScanner an Optical Character Recognition from Camera Images New features will be added soon. Try this out.

By iDev Research Labs | Added 7 hours ago

Escape Game Aerojet

Escape Game Aerojet is a new escape game from ajazgames. the entire work constitute a true escape game, exertion of the individuality...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

Tiny Little Soldier Dress Up for Windows 10

Cutest dress up game for girls and boys. The veteran's way. Unit M is dedicated to bring the best kids games for your kids and toddlers...

By Unit M Limited | Added 7 hours ago

Easter Egg Attack

Easter Egg attack game it is a new egg catcher or egg catch game or Easter egg from ajazgames. catch, clutch, grasp, seize just for...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

News Worldwide for Windows 10

Ever thought to see and read the Headlines from Newspapers round the Globe? Ever thought to check the news updates and alerts from...

By kazi_rafsan | Added 7 hours ago

Camera Museum Escape

Camera Museum Escape is the new point and click escape game from ajazgames. Motivation of the game is to escape from the museum by...

By ajazgames | Added 7 hours ago

NetBenefits by Fidelity for Windows 10

NetBenefits by Fidelity gives you the ability to access your Fidelity workplace accounts -- including retirement, stock, and pension...

By Fidelity Investments | Added 7 hours ago

Simple Memo Pad for Windows 10

Very simple memo pad. You can just write something on it and save the content automatically.

By Kyota Apps | Added 8 hours ago

Ajaz Nice House Escape

Ajaz Nice House Escape is a new point and click escape game developed by game requires problem solving skills and great...

By ajazgames | Added 8 hours ago

Ajaz Multi House Escape

Ajaz Multi House Escape is a new point and click escape game developed by ajazgames. This escape game requires problem solving skills...

By ajazgames | Added 8 hours ago

Great Indian Railways for Windows 10

The Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world. It is also one of the largest employers in the world. Here is...

By Yashraj Nayak | Added 8 hours ago

Veyron Driving Simulator

Get Ready to Have Fun with Veyron Modell and Fast, Beautiful Graphic and Highly Controlled Vehicle.

By AG games | Added 8 hours ago

EveTools 2016 for Windows 10

The application is a support tool for Eve Online. The concept and goal of the application is to consolidate many of the various tools...

By Rollo Brinalle | Added 8 hours ago

Chiron Driving Simulator

Designing the Chiron Model with the New Advanced Vehicle System.

By AG games | Added 8 hours ago

RadioRemote for Windows 10

NOTE: This is not a Radio / Internet radio app. The app is for remote control of different hybrid radio devices. With this app you...

By TheCHMFilm | Added 8 hours ago

Aventador Simulator 2

You will see the detailed driving experience with the second version of the Aventador model.

By AG games | Added 8 hours ago

Libra Horoscope and astrology for Windows 10

Libra is considered a positive (extrovert) sign. Read your horoscope and learn about yourself and others through the astrology zodiac...

By Yoav Fael - Yoanna | Added 8 hours ago

PDF Image Converter

The most praised PDF to Image converter on the market and Image to PDF. Easily and quickly convert PDFs from anywhere on your device,...

By Addiction Apps | Added 8 hours ago

Rotator - Rotate And Catch for Windows 10

Rotator - Rotate And Catch is a simple one touch, challenging and hard to master game with color circles that need to match by rotating...

By Teensy Studios | Added 8 hours ago

Tank Battle - City Wars

Memories of the 90s tank battle arcade game, Free classic arcade games to enjoy with android devices now. this super tank battle arcade...

By Acuspunsa | Added 8 hours ago

Pi Memory Quiz for Windows 10

Test your number memorization skills. How many digits of Pi can you remember? Features to add: Multilanguage support -Intelligent Pi...

By Vivid Abstractions | Added 8 hours ago

Street Fighting:Super Fighters

Super Street Fighters, The popular 2D fighting ARPG. Hey. Come to Challenge the Bosses of Chaotic City. Start your journey and seek...

By Acuspunsa | Added 8 hours ago

Fighting Champion:City Fighter

Fighting Champion: City Fighter is a special edition of "Street Action Fighting". It is a 1Vs1 fighting mode game. All the bosses come...

By Acuspunsa | Added 8 hours ago

Eurofins Environment Denmark for Windows 10

Easy access to test results from Eurofins Denmark A/S regardless of your physical location. To get a user account contact our customer...

By Eurofins Environment Testing Sweden AB | Added 8 hours ago

It's a Plane for Windows 10

It's a Plane. is a top-down shooter game where your goal is to defend your territory from the enemy planes. Destroy as many enemies...

By Tamara Tanasescu | Added 8 hours ago

Sauce - Video Collaboration

Collaborate with your teams, fans and community and create awesome videos together. The Sauce App turns any community into a film crew...

By Trick Book | Added 8 hours ago

UWPTiles for Windows 10

One-click Build APP all assets icons. Why use vector graphics to build assets icon of APP development? Of course is easier design,...

By Aso_Zhao | Added 8 hours ago

HIP Investor

Use the HIP screening tools and sustainability ratings to search thousands of public companies, mutual funds and ETF's that match your...

By Daisy Daisy Digital, LLC | Added 8 hours ago

Ohio Wrestling Federation for Windows 10

The developmental territory for the fantasy wrestling promotion, Full Force Pro, the Ohio Wrestling Federation application puts the...

By Benjamin Halkum | Added 8 hours ago

Care Manager 2Go

Download iHealthHome's Care Manager 2Go to gain secure access to your client's data from our Care Manager System while on the road....

By iHealthHome | Added 8 hours ago

MexicoPuzzles for Windows 10

MexicoPuzzles Description: Solve puzzles with images from Mexico and discover information about the country's culture, cities, food,...

By luisbeltran | Added 8 hours ago

Let's Get High

Dodge blocks as they hurdle past you in this simple 2D, endless runner.

By Colton Curtis | Added 8 hours ago

Azure Mobile Engagement for Windows 10

Microsoft Azure Mobile Engagement is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) user-engagement platform that provides data-driven insights into...

By Azure Mobile Engagement | Added 8 hours ago

The Last Line of Defense for Windows 10

Hello commander. Unfortunately you are the last defender to protect our base from being attacked by enemies. Control your aircraft...

By Hanting Xie | Added 8 hours ago


DicDoc is an app for the Users registered with DICDOC PTY LTD. A leading transcription service providing organization situated in Australia....

By DicDoc | Added 8 hours ago

Freehand Painter for Windows 10

Sketch and Paint your Ideas Digitally. Put your paints, brushes and canvas aside. Freehand Painter helps you create vector-based impressive...

By DeskShare | Added 8 hours ago

Music Video Stream -Free

Music Video Stream is one best music video app, with it you can watch the hottest and latest music videos from YouTube FOR FREE. Which...

By BAIDU (HONG KONG) LIMITED | Added 8 hours ago

URLtoSMS for Windows 10

The simplest app you can have to manage and handle sms:// uri protocol from a website or link is now here. No ads, simple and FREE....

By Red David | Added 8 hours ago

Ryan Toys Review HD

Please Enjoy Ryan to see him play with toys and review toys for kids. He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes...

By Zodiac Entertainment | Added 8 hours ago

Story Shelf for Windows 10

Love reading stories? Novels take up a lot of time? Read short stories of different types form here, Now.

By kazi_rafsan | Added 8 hours ago

Just Java

A test of the Udacity Just Java app. It's as completed as it's going to be based off of the course, but I might add some more things...

By Ryan Hoffmann | Added 8 hours ago

Acosys POS for Windows 10

Powerfull Point Of Sale (POS) application for desktop and mobile including Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

By PT Acosys Global Data | Added 8 hours ago


With Urb-it, you can shop from local shops through your phone and get your purchase straight away, within as little as 56 min - or...

By Urb-it & Associates AB | Added 8 hours ago

Tower Defense: The Kingdom for Windows 10

The strategy game for smart people The best Tower Defense game - The best Kingdom of Heaven FEATURES: 42 amazing towers. 10 most powerful...

By 9xgeneration | Added 8 hours ago

Perfect Digital Piano Music

Perfect Digital Piano app has interesting and love features with multiple array of instruments to create music for songs with. Real...

By appsclub | Added 8 hours ago

Blush Me for Windows 10

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural. To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch...

By kazi_rafsan | Added 8 hours ago

GPS Route Guide: Earth Map

GPS Route Guide: Earth Map takes edge of GPS maps & Network connection to provide your current location position on the Earth, and...

By appsclub | Added 8 hours ago

Earth Map Live GPS

There are so many map satellite related free application available on store, But this is easy and simple tracking application which...

By appsclub | Added 8 hours ago

Dynamics 365 for Financials for Windows 10

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is a business management solution that's connecting people and processes like never before. From...

By Microsoft | Added 8 hours ago

MOMO Realtime Stock Discovery

MOMO is a stock trading tool that streams new daily high and low breakouts in real-time. MOMO only does this one valuable thing and...

By Mometic LLC | Added 8 hours ago

EclipseCon NA 2016 for Windows 10

The EclipseCon NA 2016 app is your guide to this year's EclipseCon North America, which is taking place in Reston, VA on March 7 -...

By EclipseSource | Added 9 hours ago

Transit Park 3D

Transit Van Parketme Oyunu Transit Van parquet Up Game.

By Oguzhan Uglu | Added 9 hours ago

Face Check for Windows 10

Face Check takes an image as an input, and returns for each face in the image gender, age, emotions and some face attribute.

By Appsoftware | Added 9 hours ago

Supra Drift 3D

Modifiable Supra Drift game.

By Oguzhan Uglu | Added 9 hours ago

1 Word Quiz for Windows 10

One Word Quiz is a word game that tests your vocabulary knowledge. All you have to do is name the word from two given clues such the...

By borneo mobile | Added 9 hours ago

ShopOff: Find Your Hidden Gem

Easily shop 40 Charlotte-area, brick-and-mortar resale stores (consignment, vintage & thrift) near you. Search and discover new arrivals,...

By Viddles LLC | Added 9 hours ago

Teacher Buddy

Teacher Strategies: Managing Student Behaviors in The ClassroomAre you looking for student management ideas for all grade levels? Do...

By Craig Homnick | Added 9 hours ago

Aries Astrology Horoscope for Windows 10

Read your horoscope and learn about yourself and others through the astrology zodiac sign. Use astrology and horoscope to know where...

By Yoav Fael - Yoanna | Added 9 hours ago

Dig a Way - Treasure Mine Dash

Dig a Way is a beautifully animated cartoon puzzle adventure that will challenge your brain and reflexes. Embark on an epic treasure...

By Digi Ten | Added 9 hours ago

Sudoku Epic for Windows 10

Sudoku Epic is a free sudoku game with five different sudoku games in one: Regular 9x9 puzzles, 6x6 mini, Wordoku (also known as Letter...

By Kristanix Studios | Added 9 hours ago

Neural Liquid Drop

Probably the first Android app that can compute and display 3D liquid simulations in real-time. The app uses a pre-computed, reduced...

By Lukas Prantl | Added 9 hours ago

Maths with Cats for Windows 10

Simple mental arithmetic tester, answer 20 questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Go head to head with other players to increase...

By Ten Ton Cat LTD | Added 9 hours ago

Scuba Diving Challenge for Windows 10

Enjoy the thrill of scuba diving on your Windows 10 Phone or PC. Windows Phone uses intuitive thumb controls to easily steer and search....

By Magnin and Associates | Added 9 hours ago

Scope 'Em

Everyone knows their astrological sign, but do you know why it is so important? The day you were born can tell us what type of energy...

By Scope 'Em, Inc. | Added 9 hours ago

Mediafire for Windows 10

MediaFire lets you easily upload all your files - like your photos, videos, music, and documents - and access them from anywhere with...

By MediaFire | Added 9 hours ago


You'll never feel lonely again. Enjoy free anonymous voice conversations with people around the world. No chats. No posts. Just real...

By Groupers Global LLC | Added 9 hours ago

Shelf: Meet based on interests

The Shelf is a pro-active social network that allows you to meet and interact with people locally and globally based on mutual interests....

By Globacal Technologies, Inc. | Added 9 hours ago

Energy Cycles for Windows 10

Energy Cycle App covers four major energy conversion cycles to facilitate as a tool for performing energy efficiency studies. This...

By Kaup Shenoy Associates | Added 9 hours ago


Bored with the typical faces on the internet? Want to change some taste? Prefer the young beautiful looks of girls outside your country?...

By Beijing WuSe Technology Co., Ltd. | Added 9 hours ago

Princess Leg Spa Foot Salon for Windows 10

Wax beautiful legs, show some foot care, & get these Princesses ready. These princesses need to be pampered. This leg spa game has...

By Unit M Limited | Added 9 hours ago

Red Blue Red

A casual and addictive game. Hit the squares with their color, and tap the screen to rotate.

By Javier Rizzo | Added 9 hours ago

Shooty Space for Windows 10

This is the infinite shooter game created by Mindaugas Kadzys for the Search for a Star 2016 competition. Game Features: Shoot enemies...

By Mindaugas Kadzys | Added 9 hours ago

Gi Fly Mobile App

Gi Fly mobile app enhances your experience with your bike: travel more safely, more efficiently, and with more control. Manage the...

By Bignay | Added 9 hours ago

Desert Blaster for Windows 10

A sidescrolling shooter where you must defeat wave after wave of enemy ships and get as far as you can before you are invaded.

By WolfRangerGames | Added 9 hours ago

MJ MaryJane

MJ is a platform to create, collect and share cannabis knowledge. Enjoy MJ's unique crowd-sourced rating system, find trustworthy news...

By Marmot Jaguar Corp | Added 9 hours ago

Hidden. Objects. Game. for Windows 10

This is a app where we have to find the hidden objects in the image. Different levels are there and once you findout all the items...

By kommineni | Added 9 hours ago


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