Escape from the Dead Zone

Mass epidemics that threaten the lives of many people are always unpleasant. The best way out of this situation with confidence is the escape from the infected city. Alas, there are epidemics, it is extremely difficult to escape. For example, a disease outbreak that turns people into ferocious zombies, whose purpose is to bite as many healthy people as possible (the disease is transmitted through the blood). It is in the city where this terrible disease is rampant that you will have to function. Can you stand up for yourself and stay alive?The trouble came to the most ordinary American city. The outbreak of the epidemic has turned the vast majority of the population into horrific walking dead. The main character, which you will manage - a man tempered by life, ready for any dangers. Nevertheless, even he has a tight time when his hometown twd is in a post-apocalyptic state. Around ruin, there are very few living people left, hordes of zombies lie in wait at every step. The government decided to take a desperate step - the city was covered with an insulating cupola so that the epidemic did not spread further across the country. To save a miserable handful of survivors was not possible, so in fact they had to be sacrificed. But still the unfortunate gave an insignificant chance of salvation - in one of the walls of the dome they made a door that no brainless zombies can open. Having reached this door, a person can get out of the city and escape from a terrible threat. But how can this be done when the city is teeming with walking dead men, who have divorced so much that the probability of not getting caught up in their eyes is reduced to zero? So, the walking dead game begins!Immediately worth saying, the essence of the game - not a thoughtless and chaotic firing on the living dead. On the contrary, the best way to survive is to face the zombies as little as possible. You have to make your way to the very outskirts of the city, to the edge of the ill-fated dome. To do this, you will have to show maximum caution and dexterity, trying to slip past these monsters unnoticed. The combat system here still plays its role - if a battle with a pair of three zombies becomes inevitable, then in your arsenal there will always be a quality weapon, both gunshot and cold. But be alert and keep alive the dead! Remember, one bite - and for you it will all be over. Yes, at stake in this walking dead game - your life.Of great importance is also the interaction with ordinary people who will meet you regularly on the way. Do not forget that all of them are brought to despair by a nasty state of affairs, and their main goal is to survive in the fight against the walking. Many of them are quite capable of betraying you and throwing them at the factory of destiny, if it somehow contributes to the salvation of their own skin. But there are others who can become reliable comrades who will do everything to help out not only themselves, but you as well. The key to understanding the motives of other characters lies through the dialogues. In them you choose how to answer this or that person. Dialogues directly affect the further development of the plot, so take your time and carefully weigh everything that you are going to say. Remember that with true friends you will be much easier to succeed and save your life!Prove that creepy zombies wd do not have the slightest chance against you, and you will find the long-awaited freedom! Do not be fear the walking dead!
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