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Dinosaurs certainly were the subject of admiration for each of us in childhood. Who were not interested in these gigantic lizards who lived in immemorial times? In childhood, some of us even dreamed of meeting these prehistoric giants alive. And it's great that the appearance of dinosaurs in our world is impossible for many millions of years already. I do not even want to think about the enormous damage that could be caused to these giant reptiles by mankind. The heroes of this game also did not think about it. But only life circumstances have been ordered differently ...The beginning of the game does not bode ill. The game process begins inside the passenger ark survival evolved train car. In the car there are several characters, for one of which you will play. You can choose absolutely any of them, so do not rush with the choice. Each character has different characteristics and is a master in some particular case. One hero is a skilled smith, the second is an experienced farmer, the third is a strong man, capable of repelling any opponent, the fourth is an unbeaten cook and so on. It would seem that not so popular skills, but wait - and you'll see that any skill can be useful in a difficult moment.After choosing a character, a peaceful journey by ark train turns into a nightmare. There is a sudden accident, the lights go out, the train stops and something really terrible begins to happen. Checking the neighboring cars, you return to your own and find that most of the passengers are killed, and above them is a huge erect monstrous lizard, who chews one of the bodies! The monster disappears immediately, but a short glance was enough to understand - the train was attacked by a real dinosaur!Unfortunately, all these horrors are not a nightmare, but not a nightmarish reality. Having got out of the train, you and a group of the remaining survivors discover that they were in some strange tropical area with extremely unusual plants, which each of you sees for the first time. In addition, here and there are various herbivorous dinosaurs. It seems incredible, but the fact remains - you are in the habitat of prehistoric flora and fauna!Having met one of the local residents, you find out the terrible truth - your train has got to the portal leading to millions of years ago, into the past. There can not be a talk about returning home, so there is only one thing - to adapt and begin to create here conditions suitable for life. To do this, you and your friends will have to rally in one friendly team, where everyone will help each other. The basis for creating your own civilization will be three aspects - crafting, building and hunting. Build houses, defend them from predators, create tools, grow fruits, procure food by hunting, sew your own clothes, arrange a trap for predators - each of your company has a certain skill that will give you a way to ark survival!Prove that the constant danger and lack of technology - this is not a sentence! Create yourself an ideal living environment in the neighborhood of dinosaurs!
Operating System Android


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