Candy's Space Mysteries II: Missions on Earth

In this free vision of a spatial game callen Candy's Space Mysteries II: Missions on Earth, we now allow inter-stellar, inter-galactical & planets finding travels. Since some versions, 7 galaxies composed of 10 stars and of 10 planets per stars were available. Then, we are able to explore 701 Planets in this great game. Thanks to Candy & Noopy, the rain has stopped on all planets of the Universe. But, it may be raining normally & then have thunderstorms. Since Candy's Space Adventures, the spaceship is now way faster and you must go to the stars with a halo and galaxies are everywhere. With greater terrains, better galaxies and a new story, this game will enchant you. An easter egg from Xilvan Design
File Size38.08 MB
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows Vista Windows Windows XP


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