Fancy Rings Collection is for females only. This collection includes Rings for multiple occasions like Wedding, Engagement etc.This collection contains Gold Rings, Silver Rings, Copper Ring, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Diamond Rings. It also have Artificial Rings from Artificial Jewelry Collection. Prized for their beauty and prominent display on the hand, rings may be the most popular genre of jewelry. From the mystical rings of lore, to those worn by royalty and religious leaders, history is full of prominent people wearing beautiful and meaningful rings. Whether given as a symbol of commitment in proposal or marriage, or as a gift for an important occasion, the ring remains the most symbolic of all jewelry gifts. A fancy ring is the most symbolic piece of jewelry, especially with its ties to love, commitment and marriage. Rings come in all different types of precious metals, styles and designs, making them the ideal accessory and the perfect gift for anyone. Types of Fancy Rings: Wedding RingsEngagement RingsDiamond RingsGold RingsSilver RingsWomen RingsMen RingsGemstone RingsThe habit of giving and receiving a ring began more than 4, 800 years ago. Wedding rings are usually mounted on the ring finger. This habit stems from my belief Tudor dynasty of the 16th century that the left hand ring finger associated with blood vessels that are directly related to the heart, therefore, wear it on the finger demonstrated that the wearer is in a relationship. In addition to functioning as jewelry, traditionally, the ring is usually a part of a wedding ceremony. Given at weddings, engagement, or as a gift given as an expression of allegiance and a sign of affection.
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